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Online Exclusive: Sigur Ros extended review

It will be an unconventional night at the Bass Performance Hall, to say the least.Icelandic rock band Sigur R¢s rarely comes to the United States. Rather than play dark, smoky clubs and bars, however, the band is taking its act to the symphony hall stage.

Often compared to Bj”rk and Radiohead, Sigur R¢s, pronounced "si-ur rose," is Icelandic for "victory rose." The band was formed in 1994, on the same day that lead singer and guitarist Jonsi's sister was born. Her name, Sigurros, gave the band its name.

Boschini: Grants to aid future campus transformations

Several grants totalling $1.8 million have been awarded to faculty members and academic departments through Vision In Action's Strategic Initiative Fund, said Leo Munson, associate provost for academic support.About $1.6 million of the fund has already been allotted, Munson said. Chancellor Victor Boschini said the majority of the grants will be used for projects that will improve the student-faculty relationship.

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