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Neeley’s donation benefits entire campus

Thanks to the generosity of those involved, the recent $1.5 million donation given to the Neeley School of Business by Barry and Antoinette Davis...

Change in bus route’s time calls for feedback

Relatively few students use public transportation on a regular basis, so they may not think the city's proposal to cut in half the number...

Town hall meeting an opportunity for student input

Members of the Student Government Association are going beyond the call of duty and making access to representatives easier than ever by hosting a...

Off-campus jurisdiction good for student safety

The recent branding incident involving Kappa Sigma members highlights an important issue beyond the obvious question of why anybody would do that. The incident has also led to discussion about whether the university has, or should have, the right to investigate situations like this that occur among its students while they are off campus.

The answer to whether or not the university has the right to exercise in loco parentis authority is actually very straightforward.

National relief efforts should be commended

In the past decade, several events have shown how well Americans can come together in the face of a crisis. Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and horrifying tragedies like Sept. 11 rallied the nation, with people coming together to assist those most impacted.

Massive relief efforts within the United States should be applauded, and similar responses should be encouraged when disasters occur abroad.

Alternate avenues needed to lessen impact of tuition

Students received an e-mail Monday from Chancellor Victor Boschini informing them of the tuition increase for the 2010-2011 school year, which will bring the...

Campus community should promote traditions

School traditions are important at any university because they promote unity and a sense of school pride. Texas A&M University shows that every football...

Free legal advice for students should have been promoted

Universities have the ability to offer students valuable services that they would otherwise not have access to, but unfortunately many of these resources are...

Texting shouldn’t replace verbal communication

Texting, blogging and checking your social networking site of choice all have a place, but that place is not the classroom.

When students text or browse the Internet all through class, they are probably distracting the other students in the class and they are definitely disrespecting the professor. But even this is not the extent of the problem with our generation's dependence on digital communication.

Free laundry a major benefit for students

Admit it - washing your laundry isn't ever something that you look forward to doing. But at least now there's one less reason to put it off.

This year marks the first time in the university's history that all students living on campus won't have to pay every time they wash a load of laundry.

After years of having to wait until you could scrape together $2 in quarters to wash and dry one load of laundry or having to add to a growing list of send-home charges, campus residents can now do their laundry free of charge at a time that is most convenient for them.

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