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Faculty, staff also asked to donate to university’s budget

While some faculty and staff members contribute money to TCU every year, others say it is not financially feasible for them.The Annual Fund, a program that garners contributions from faculty and staff members, alumni and parents to support the university's operating budget, has launched this year's Faculty/Staff Annual Campaign, which ends on April 24, but not every faculty and staff member is able to participate in it.

Former student charged with assault, TCU Police say

A former TCU student may face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty for the aggravated assault of a TCU Police officer while resisting arrest earlier this month, a police detective said Tuesday. TCU Police Detective Kelly Ham said Connor Rhyne, who now attends Tarrant County Community College, was sent to jail April 4 after police issued a warrant for his arrest. He was released on a $10, 000 bond the next day.

Dean: Premajors to benefit from new advisers

The Center for Academic Services has joined the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences to provide three new professional advisers funded by the Vision In Action plan. The VIA initiative is spending $932,000 over five years to recruit advisers in an effort to improve academic advising because students expressed their dissatisfaction with advisement by specialized major departments, said Michael Butler, associate dean of the AddRan College.

TCU Police get new logo, courtesy of design student

It took her an hour to come up with a design that will become the staple of TCU Police.Maelen Richie, a sophomore interior design major, created a body design for the new Dodge Durango patrol vehicles TCU Police has been preparing for operation since Spring Break, Detective Kelly Ham said.

After TCU Police had carried the same vehicle design for about 10 years, TCU Police Chief Steve McGee knew it was time for something new, Ham said.

Police arrest assault suspects

Two students were arrested in connection with an assault in Moncrief Hall in December, a TCU Police detective said.Detective Vicki Lawson said Matthew Hunter, a TCU student, and Bryce Hudman, a student at Southern Methodist University, turned themselves in the week before Spring Break after police issued warrants for their arrests.

On Dec. 4 at about 4 a.m., TCU Police Officer Brad Murphey responded to a verbal dispute that escalated into a physical confrontation in Moncrief Hall, according to a police report.

Poet: Women need to make own decisions

It requires risk and danger for women to move on in life and strive for freedom to live better, a poet at the International Women's Day Luncheon said Wednesday."You are lucky if you have a lot of money and freedom, but that's not the case for women who don't have the access that we have here," said Camille Dungy, assistant professor of English at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia.

Referring to her poem, "Diana in the Box," which she recited at the luncheon, Dungy said, women have taken risks throughout history and are still doing so today.

Group pushes coffee campaign further

Following advancements in bringing Fair Trade Certified coffee to TCU, Frogs for Fair Trade are trying to take their campaign to the next level. The student group succeeded in getting Starbucks locations on campus and Jazzman's Caf‚ in the Tucker Technology Center to offer the coffee but now wants Jazzman's to sell Fair Trade Certified coffee exclusively, said Seth Harris, co-coordinator of Frogs for Fair Trade.

Bookstore waits for permit before moving out

The TCU Bookstore was set to move this weekend, but without a permit, that will not happen until next week.The staff members are waiting for the Fort Worth Development Department to issue a permit, which will allow them to move temporary trailers onto the parking lot, said Wayne Mar, operations manager of the bookstore.

Llisa Lewis, manager of the bookstore, said until the Development Department reviews its application and issues the permit, the trailers, which will serve as a temporary location for the bookstore during renovations, cannot be put in place.

Students hesitate to report harassment

TCU students, like their college counterparts in a nationwide survey, are reluctant to report sexual harassment to school authorities, said Susan Adams, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs and sexual harassment officer at Campus Life.Almost two-thirds of U.S. college students experience sexual harassment, but less than 10 percent report it to school authorities, according to a survey by the American Association of University Women.

At TCU, students hesitate to report sexual harassment because of the fear of being labeled or magnifying the situation, Adams said.

Drugs, alcohol found after false fire alarm

Police are investigating a false fire alarm that turned into a drug search in one of the third-floor rooms of Martin-Moore Hall on Friday.It was around midnight when an alarm drew TCU police officers Richard Teakell and Walker Johnson to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house. Johnson, who was the first to arrive, found the activated fire alarm in a hallway near a room, according to a TCU police report.

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