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Words of Wisdom: Starting a business

According to Ted Legatski, associate professor of professional practice in management,

an entrepreneur is committed, confident and comfortable with risk.

Legatski said there are five key areas an entrepreneur should consider.

1. Personal 2. Idea 3. Competition 4. Resources 5. Nuts and bolts

An entrepreneur's first step is a serious personal evaluation with tough, forward-thinking questions.

1. Can I realistically do this; is my plan feasible?

2. What is my level of tolerance for risk?

A word from real life: Women

What do women want? Women. Want. Men. This age-old question has plagued philosophers and Ph.D.'s, although the guy from Hitch seemed to grasp it. The concept is strikingly obvious, yet it boggles every boy's brain.

This concept, of women wanting men, is unclear to guys because they are confused about the definition of "want" and the definition of "man." Man, defined: when frat snapping turns into wine sipping, excuses turn into emotions and playing PS2 turns into catering to PMS, a woman knows a boy has turned into a man.

Words of Wisdom


No matter how many resume revisions you do, or how carefully you construct your cover letter, pieces of paper can only take you so far in obtaining your dream job. You're going to have to sell yourself. Stacy Grau, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing, has some tips to sell yourself well instead of short.

Find what makes you unique, your talents and likes. Your competition is huge.

Bookstore not offering textbook rentals

The university bookstore declined to participate in Barnes & Noble's in-store textbook rental program which was implemented nation-wide last spring semester, a bookstore official said.

Roman Coronado, textbook manager at the campus bookstore, said the university chose not to participate in the rental program because it was brand new and not necessarily beneficial to students. However, he said e-textbooks and online textbook rental from barnesandnoble.com would still be an option.

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