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Budget cuts prompt shutdown of student ad agency

Budget restraints will cause the nation's first student-run nonprofit advertising agency, RealWorld, to close at the end of the semester unless the university raises...

Geologist: Minerals help trace continents to origin

Traveling and spending time outdoors led Ian Dalziel to apply to the Navy; however, after learning that a lazy eye would keep him from being enlisted, a keen curiosity for the Earth led him in another direction.

Dalziel, a research professor at the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas at Austin, presented his lecture "Is There a Supercontinent Cycle in Earth History: Paleontology over the Last Billion Years" Monday night at the Sid Richardson Building.

Official: Digital TV to benefit students

The university has switched to a new television system in anticipation of the national transition from analog to digital television in February, TCU Connect...

Campus police to update surveillance system

Campus police are working to improve security around campus because of an increase in campus parking lot break-ins, a campus police official said.

Steven McGee, chief of TCU Police, said he attended a technology show put on by The American Society for Information Science & Technology in order to preview the most productive surveillance cameras to place on campus.

McGee said he is looking at a system of surveillance cameras for the Police Department that are more consistent in the way they operate and have updated technology.

Truck snaps tree branch, creates traffic jam

The corner of a Coca-ColaT truck clipped an overhanging branch while driving past the Bailey Building down University Drive today at about 3 p.m.

Judy Grouix, an associate professor with the College of Education, said she was standing outside of the TCU Barnes & Noble and saw the accident happen.

"The driver wasn't driving fast," Grouix said. "The corner of his truck just did not clear an overhanging branch."

TCU Police were on the scene of the accident within 10 minutes, Grouix said.

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