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New coaches to guide track and field program

The TCU track and field program has two new coaches this fall: Jeff Petersmeyer and Eric Heins. The two were once former coaches together at Northern Arizona University, and now they are helping guide TCU's track and field teams. Petersmeyer, 32 and Heins, 29, both bring collegiate competition and coaching experience to the table.

Petersmeyer, assistant coach in charge of the horizontal jumpers, used to run for Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio,

‘Beerfest’ flows into theaters

Relax the throat muscles, focus, tilt the glass, chug, repeat. This is essentially the format of this weekend's top five box office title, "Beerfest."

According to boxofficemojo.com, the Warner Brothers feature netted a $7.03 million opening weekend gross, which is not too shabby for a film that had enough alcohol consumption to put "Animal House" to shame.

Following last weekend's B-movie gem, "Snakes on a Plane," fans of the sauce could rest easy knowing that "Beerfest" would satisfy their thirst for barley, hops and yeast.

iPod plays part in speech communication course

The Apple iPod started as a personal music device, but is now making its way as a portable education tool.Amber Finn, instructor of communication studies, started podcasting in the Basic Speech Communication class this semester as part of a pilot operation for Web-based classes.

"We are already doing audio lectures through e-college, so now students can watch and listen to the lectures," Finn said.

The idea for using the iTunes feature of podcasting was introduced by Jess Price, a media producer for the Center for Instructional Services.

Indoor sports facility planned, delayed by football practice

Construction of the TCU indoor practice facility is set to commence on Sept. 5. "The multipurpose indoor practice facility will be about 336 feet long tip to tail, and about 92 feet wide," said Ross Bailey, director of operations and sports medicine.

Due to conflicts with the football practice schedule, the construction will not begin Sept. 1 as previously planned, Bailey said.

Lisa Albert, assistant director of communications, said the construction is part of a $100-million anonymous donation for campus construction.

Security measures taken to prevent hacking

Although TCU has not had its network of 7,000 computers hacked by an outside source, protective measures are being taken to keep the system from falling subject to any form of computer compromise, a TCU network security engineer said.The threat of computer hacking at universities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area became evident when nearly 38,000 student profiles at the University of North Texas were accessed in August 2005.

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