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Hispanics part of minority growth

Inclusiveness is fast becoming a topic of discussion for the TCU community with seminars and speeches routinely appearing on the campus calendar.In order to continue promoting a united learning environment and diversity, the university has started recruiting Fort Worth Hispanics to join the Horned Frog family.

Census results estimate Fort Worth's population as 33 percent Hispanic. TCU is working to draw in area men and women of Hispanic backgrounds to give them a nearby college home, but the university is falling short on some grounds.

Wyoming douses H20 Frogs

Despite winning performances in a handful of events, the swimming & diving teams could not pull out a victory against the Wyoming on Saturday.A week ago, the Horned Frogs took care of the Air Force Falcons in the University Rec Center by a narrow margin and head coach Richard Sybesma said he had a feeling Saturday's meet was going to produce similar results. Unfortunately, this week had TCU on the losing end.

"We felt like it would be down to the wire again, but we didn't quit hit enough spots," Sybesma said.

Flu vaccines should be utilized

Fall is here and consequently, so is the seven-month flu season.Luckily, this bug that comes with the change in seasons is being handled during this year's Mini Health Fair.

For 500 students and 500 faculty and staff members, flu vaccines will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis enabling some people to prepare for sickness that may come during the winter months. This is the first year students are included in the heath fair vaccine group. Last year, faculty and staff were the only ones privy to the treatment.

Don’t play election day guessing games

Today is the first Tuesday in November. Guess what that means? It's election day.It seems people claim to be patriotic, politically active and have...

Gore not always strongest method of inciting fear

Another Halloween has come and gone, but some timeless horror classics are still around for us to be shocked, appalled and amazed by.So even if it is November, dig through the discount bin at a local blockbuster for these thrilling gems.

"I'm Chucky, wanna play?"

"The power of Christ compels you!"

"Priority One. Insure return of organism for analysis. All other considerations secondary. Crew expendable."

A Ghostly Presence

When John Seahorn was a boy on his uncle's farm in East Texas, he said he saw some things that were not quite normal.Along the banks of the Sabine River, a group of Native Americans were squatting by the water gathering some supplies. The problem is, there had not been Caddo Indians in this area in more than 100 years.

This was one of Seahorn's first experiences with paranormal activity.

Seahorn, now 62, is a member of Tarrant County Paranormal, a group dedicated to investigating and finding answers to explain the unexplained.

Swimming & Diving: Team gains experience, ready for five-team home meet

The first long meet of the season left some room for improvement for head coach Richard Sybesma's swimmers after the teams' performances at Colorado State last weekend."We need to get a little bit stronger and better conditioned as a whole team," Sybesma said.

One of the factors affecting the swimmers was the change in altitude, and for freshman-heavy squads, the thinner air did have an impact during the three days of competition. The combination of altitude and the lengthy meet took its toll on the swimmers by the end of the weekend, Sybesma said.

Environmental movement still falling short

There is a growing trend to make the world "greener" with the continual publicity of the global climate change phenomenon.Some of these groups include the U.S. Green Building Council and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. Both of these organizations have evaluated TCU facilities and, unfortunately, the buildings on campus don't measure up.

The new student center currently under construction fell short of meeting the environmental standards of LEED and is going to be submitted for review by the USGBC.

Swimming & Diving: Weekend meets to test freshman recruits

Back-to-back days of racing can be taxing for swimmers, and this week, the H20 Frogs will undertake this task with three consecutive days of competition for the women's team and two for the men's squad. The meets coming up will take place at Colorado State as part of a head-to-head meet Thursday for just the women's team, and Friday and Saturday will be a joint meet with both teams in the CSU Early Bird Invitational.

Rockies’ quest for baseball immortality to be decided in fall showdowns

There is one month of the year where baseball takes a whole new meaning. It is called the "Fall Classic" and "The Crown Jewel of Major League Baseball."It is October.

Boys become men in the course of October. History begins. Think back to the beginning of the month where this narrative shows the mood of what baseball after the first 162 games means.

Oct. 1: Day 1 of the postseason.

A team of youngsters. A bunch of guys fighting for better jobs in baseball later in their careers are living the Cinderella Story.

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