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Companies should enter growing ‘green market’

"Going green" doesn't just mean using recycled products anymore. It doesn't have to be about global warming. Going green means caring about the world we live in, no matter how long it takes us to become a more earth-friendly country.

According to an MSNBC article in February, many companies are taking advantage of the up-and-coming green market. Although many people are losing jobs in our energy-inefficient economy, many people are about to have the opportunity to work for green companies.

Kidd’s personal life overshadows on-court performance

I can't help but feel disappointed about the Dallas Mavericks trade involving Jason Kidd. At first, I was more upset about losing point guard Devin Harris and center DeSagana Diop. We also lost Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell and retired forward Keith Van Horn. New Jersey also received two first-round draft picks and $3 million.

What did we get? Jason Kidd - the same guy we let go 11 years ago. Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, thought this was the man of our team's future.

Changing U.S. religious climate helps nurture personal growth

More than one-quarter of Americans have left the religion of their upbringing by either claiming a new religious affiliation or becoming a non-believer altogether, according to an article by The Associated Press.

Regardless of our individual religious views, and without stirring a religious debate, it is astounding. I am intrigued by this statistic mainly because I am one of those individuals who changed his or her religious affiliation.

Animal testing alternative a good idea

I've always hated the thought of my makeup, shampoos, face cleansers, etc. being tested on animals. I check all products before I make a...

Women should be selves, not worry what men think

"To be able to paint their nails and break them too; to embrace whatever it might be that makes them girls in a way that will sustain rather than constrain them," writes Peggy Orenstein, is the hope of any mother, including herself.

Orenstein's article "Girls will be Girls" ran in Sunday's New York Times online. She begins by saying that Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman trying to find the perfect blend of feminism and femininity. Even the mothers who don't support Clinton, Orenstein says, feel her conflict.

Women should speak honestly

Heather Mayer is a feature writer for College News, a Web site just for college students and what matters to them. Last Friday, she wrote an incredibly interesting article titled, "Girl Translator - What Girls Really Mean," that I encourage every girl to read for pure comic relief from their stressful lives and every guy to read for the truth.

Mayer breaks the article up into responses from single girls, girls with excuses and girls in relationships.

‘Kite Runner’ provides opportunity for introspection

I highly recommend the "Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini.

I wanted to read the book before I even knew they were making a movie because my brother had to read it for one of his classes and raved about it. And when he likes a book, it is generally a classic in the making.

The "Kite Runner" centers on a young boy, Amir, who flees Afghanistan with his father to escape almost certain poverty and death.

Oprah’s reality TV could give hope to those in need

In December, The New York Times ran an article about Oprah Winfrey and her upcoming attempt at creating feel-good reality shows for television. "Participants will compete to come up with the most creative ways to take a given amount of money and other resources and multiply them before giving them away to help others," Edward Wyatt writes about one of Winfrey's ideas for a show, "Oprah Winfrey's 'The Big Give.'" The second show would feature one family each episode facing a serious financial crisis.

Show striking writers due respect

Writers: people who put their creative thoughts and ideas into words for the world to enjoy. OK, so that definition is a little biased because I am a writer, but basically a writer is a person who puts thoughts into words, right?

Well, sort of.

I bet if you asked one of the writers of the NBC show, "Heroes," what they did for a living, they would have a much fancier way of saying, "I'm a television show writer."

Hugging affectionate action, not middle-school crime

A world without hugs. Could you live in it?The Associated Press released an article Tuesday that spoke of an eighth grader who received detention for hugging her friends goodbye for the weekend.

Her parents took their complaints to the administration, who could only promise that they would review the school policy that banned hugging.

I can understand a policy that doesn't allow teachers to hug their students because of all the cases being brought to court these days when children are touched inappropriately by their instructors.

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