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Admission should remain a personal process

With applications to the university almost doubling from 11,730 in 2009 to 18,903 this year, it's obvious members of the Office of Admission have...

Students should follow local elections

The five candidates running for Fort Worth mayor came to the university Thursday for a one-on-one television interview with KERA reporter Bill Zeeble. Zeeble...

Increased diversity in study abroad programs would benefit students, university

The Center for International Studies is stepping up its efforts to encourage minority involvement in study abroad programs, and that can only lead to positive outcomes.

Minority students have been an underrepresented group in study abroad programs across the nation. The university study abroad department has partnered with Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services and plans to speak with students in the Community Scholars programs in hopes of fixing this trend.

More food prepared in-house benefits all

Market Square is preparing more foods in-house instead of buying canned versions, and that is something everyone can cheer.

Homemade, fresh foods should taste better, be healthier and, as one student said, make "the BLUU seem less like a cafeteria."

The effort toward homemade, higher-quality food came from new Dining Services General Manager Stephen Miller, who was appointed in October and immediately saw room for improvement, Executive Chef Charlie Guajardo said.

Time off should be used wisely

After a week of winter weather that caused four days of canceled classes, the university is almost back to normal.

Missing four days in a semester that only has 70 days of normal class time is a lot, but the cancellations were unavoidable. Student, faculty and staff safety should be the most important consideration when determining whether to keep the university open, and in this case it looks like the university made the right call.

Remember what gives TCU its unique character and feel

Following the incredible, undefeated season by the football team and the national attention the Rose Bowl win brought to the university, it is no...

Working together makes renovations easier for everyone

From the hum of machinery and presence of traffic cones and caution tape to the shirts proclaiming TCU as Texas Construction University, there are constant reminders that our campus is undergoing renovations.

While the new buildings and renovations greatly benefit the campus community, the construction can be an inconvenience to current students. With that said, it is good to see university departments working together to minimize that inconvenience as much as possible.

Politifacts.com useful tool during election season

President Barack Obama told the American people during the 2008 campaign, "I want you to hold our government accountable. I want you to hold me accountable." A couple of months later, the St. Petersburg Times responded with, "Okay, we will" and created PolitiFact.com, a website that checks the legitimacy of claims made by politicians.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning site rates claims made by politicians based on accuracy and validity into one of six categories from true all the way to pants-on-fire.

TCU has impressive events and athletic ability but is still plagued...

Highs and lows of September

Frogs up to finally bringing live horned frog mascots to the university. If LSU can have a tiger and Baylor can have a bear, then two blood-squirting lizards shouldn't be asking too much.

Pony down to continued problems with freshman housing. Students live in converted community space for the fourth year in a row because there are too few rooms to accommodate incoming students. After four years, the university needs to fix this situation once and for all.

OrgSync reduces paperwork and abides by TCU’s green initiatives

Starting this semester, the Office of Student Organizations will require all university recognized student organizations and their members to register an account with OrgSync,...
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