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Student organizations show support for gubernatorial election

Leaders of two student political organizations voiced their support Tuesday for students who voted in the gubernatorial primaries elections and spoke about their respective organizations' roles in the voting process.

While only a handful of university students showed up at the Paschal High School polling location, both leaders said it was important for students to participate in the elections.

Michael Bennett, chairman of TCU College Republicans, said members helped out with various campaigns and were at polling sites handing out flyers.

Student group promotes census participation with block party

Members of the university's Public Relations Student Society of America chapter are hosting a block party today to encourage participation in the 2010 Census among their college peers, a demographic that government officials argue is difficult to count.

The event is part of the chapter's participation in PRSSA's national Bateman Case Study Competition. According to the PRSSA Web site, the goal of the competition is to exercise students' analytical skills and judgment, which are necessary for real life public relations problem solving.

University and Brite officials meet to negotiate payment

Despite financial disagreements between Brite Divinity School and the university, the institutions will not split up, officials from both parties said.

Brite and university officials will meet today to negotiate costs the university said Brite owes TCU, said Brite President Newell Williams.

Brite paid the university $1.04 million this year, Williams said, but he did not say how much the university charged Brite for the next contract year, which is the amount being negotiated.

Refusal of federal money for education affects Texas schoolchildren

Gov. Rick Perry's decision not to compete for up to $700 million in federal money for education may be a move that will make Texas schoolchildren suffer, a university professor said.

James Riddlesperger, a political science professor, said Perry's decision will only put funding for Texas education further behind.

"That money will be spent," Riddlesperger said. "It's already been appropriated. It's going to be spent somewhere, and what that means in terms of Texas is it puts Texas even farther behind in the competition than they would be."

Seller: Instructor book resale legal

If you've noticed any black tape on one of your textbooks, chances are it's the result of a deal between a faculty member at any university nationwide and an independent book buyer.

The results of these deals, publishers said, drive up the cost of textbooks, but they said there is nothing they can do to stop faculty members selling the books.

The black tape covers labels that identify the books as instructor copies, which are sent to professors free of charge, noting that they are not to be resold.

Beatings and profiling should not be part of police’s job description

I have the utmost respect for police officers and the job they do. It takes courage and guts to do their job. I just wanted to make that clear before starting.

Jordan Miles, an 18-year-old Pittsburgh resident and violist who attends the city's prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School, was beaten by three plainclothes police officers because they thought he had a gun, according to an Associated Press wire report. It turns out it was only a bottle of Mountain Dew, according to the police affidavit.

Counseling center visits students in dorms

Students seeking guidance from the Counseling, Testing and Mental Health Center don't necessarily have to walk into the office to get help, the center's director said.

Linda Wolszon, director of the center, said residence halls and Greek chapter houses have requested visits from the counseling center to help students cope with the death of junior nursing major Amanda Bebout, who was found dead Monday night at her off-campus residence. The center expects more requests, she said.

‘A precious person has been lost’

One of the things Jimmie Borum said she remembered most about Amanda Bebout was her smile."She had a really beautiful and infectious smile," said...

World Cup could draws attention to AIDS and prostitution

The legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa might not be the legendary games, spectacular goals or any other number of amazing on-field displays.

It could be AIDS.

According to CNN.com, sex worker advocates made dire predictions that the world's biggest sporting event could be a public health disaster because of the high demand for prostitutes by international soccer fans.

Counseling ready for grieving students

Editor's note: This story was revised for accuracy at 9:14 a.m. Jan. 20.

University efforts to give support to students following the death of 20-year-old junior nursing major Amanda Bebout included counselors visiting classmates and fellow sorority members.

A university counselor met with Bebout's classmates in a Tuesday morning nursing class, a Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences official said.

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