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Bailouts shouldn’t be an option for aspiring countries

The illustrious growth in Dubai over the past decade has been one filled with industry and development, but also one with whimsy and fanciful buildings being constructed alongside islands shaped like palm fronds. Though originally just another oil-powered fixture in the Persian Gulf arena, the recent expansion was funded only partly by petroleum. The opulent hotels and rapid rise of business centers saw this city in the United Arab Emirates garner interest from both high-dollar corporations and jet-setting vacationers alike.

Capital punishment relies on flawed logic and system

Ohio is currently one of more than 30 states in the U.S. which permit capital punishment, according to CNN.com.A recent controversy has arisen in...

Climate change policies should come domestically

The 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference took place in December and ended in what many considered to be, if not an utter failure, a near disaster. Pressure from the European Union, the United States and China resulted in an inability to agree on a pact for limiting future carbon emissions. President Barack Obama's pleas to the Chinese Prime Minister resulted in a skimpy five-page document.

Obama’s increase in troops most plausible plan

Well, it finally happened. A backfire, a compromise, a mishap.

Much to the chagrin of his overwhelming number of supporters and perhaps to the glee of his opponents, in an announcement made Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama stated that he will increase troop numbers in Afghanistan. The purpose of which, he said, will be to combat the remaining areas of insurgency, but more so in order to train the Afghan military to take over and assume eventual total responsibility.

Taking land from African farmers unfair

Africa is known for its natural beauty and roaming troves of animals. Unfortunately, it is perhaps more easily recognized for its negative aspects that...

F2CR campaign could be more effective

The Alcohol and Drug Center began a new campaign on campus with the slogan "freedom to choose responsibly" coupled with the catchy graphic sporting...

Christmas not just religious holiday, but tradition

I hear them silver bells ringing, and the bright snow's glistening shroud can be seen on the distant horizon. That's right, the Christmas holiday nexus has arrived. This, of course, includes all wintry festivities from tacky sweater parties to all additional excuses to drink eggnog, and believe me, they are plenty. But alas, along with this glorious arrival comes the derogatory remarks that by hosting such other secular activities in the name of this religious holiday, we are in fact demeaning its true value. I argue not so.

Church has no place in healthcare debate

The debate over health care reform in the U.S. has been healthy, deserved and prolonged, if not overly discussed. The issue has essentially become partisan, divided along the Republican and Democratic lines with a few crossovers here and there. Proponents of each side have been vehement about making their points, garnering support and using all types of arguments to accuse the other side of being "uncaring" for a variety of reasons.

Veteran mental health policy sheds negative light

Regardless of one's stance on the United States' involvement in warfare, there is a widely accepted and universally understood policy of inherent respect for veterans. These men and women have subjected themselves to what many of us will never be able to imagine, all in the name of guaranteeing the safety and welfare of citizens at home. We revere the efforts of these soldiers on our behalf with two days of national holiday, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. After all, it is through the continued defense provided by these people that we have enjoyed the liberties we experience today.

Iran proves itself an enemy of humanitarian efforts

The passage of time has provided many concrete examples of the perils of journalism. Within the past year there have been plenty of kidnappings throughout the Middle East and few releases. However, a new issue has burst onto the scene recently: that of the jurisdiction of these countries in arresting journalists and reporters whom they view as protestors or directly threatening to the political system.

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