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Chavez’s social programs are something to back up

The mention of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in today's political sphere, or even general society, seems to elicit no less than vigorous chair-throwing and...

National writing month brings pages of opportunity

Most people have aspirations. There are those who dream of fame earned in front of a camera or from a pulpit or behind the...

Knowledge of Asian culture important

The East Asian states have long held a mystique over the American people. In grade school, young children fawn over the yin-yang, a popularized...

Afghanistan affairs need to be criticized or supported

The United States has long engaged in a policy of non-collaboration and refusal of interaction with members of the international community that it finds to be disagreeable. This is exemplified in former President Bush's declaration, "We don't negotiate with terrorists."

Seen as a patriotic move by most, the policy has come under fire from not only Democrats but also by diplomats all over the world. Without speaking with one's opponent, even if they engage in fiery, anti-U.S. rhetoric, little can be accomplished except a demonstration of rote intimidation.

Campus cyclists should show some manners

Riding a bicycle is a time-honored tradition around the world. Centuries of development and technological discovery have left the general citizenry with varieties including...

Benefits outweigh dispute of Cheney name on building

The University of Wyoming will hold a commencement ceremony in the near future where it will unveil a building named after former Vice President Dick Cheney - a center designated for international students and international studies. The plan has drawn a fair amount of criticism from members in the community and even some trickling national interest. The university has used $3.2 million donated by the Cheney family during Cheney's vice presidency in order to construct these facilities.

Non-traditional sports at campus rec left idle

Squash. No, not the gourd. The sport akin to racquetball. Great, now we're on the same page.

There are several sports under-utilized at the University Recreation Center on campus. Among them, we have rock climbing, billiards and the fun-loving, but tacitly skill-involved table tennis.

Now why have these particular activities been so long neglected in the short five-year history of this building? Mainly, it's due to their locations.

Child leashes not as cruel as they are clever

Cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones. These devices were all created for the benefit of keeping in touch. However, a recent trend has arisen amongst those finding themselves newly ingratiated into the cult of young parenthood. This invention, often covertly disguised as a panda, cuddly monkey or other heartwarming creatures of youthful fancy, has captured the attention (and wayward wanderings) of both bewildered 20-somethings and their bemused toddlers.

Taking care of long-term issues would negate U.S. social shortcomings

Latin America, a region extending from the southern border of the United States. all the way to the southern border of Chile and Argentina, has long been considered one of the world's most underperforming collective economies. Generalized as a whole, this continent and its close peninsular friends have been viewed more so as a peach tree, ripe with fruit and host to a plethora of pickers. However, beyond its oil and other natural resources, Latin America offers the possibility not only for a regional economic boost, but perhaps an even greater global effect.

Handheld electronic book is a suitable replacement for the textbook

Where innovation springs forward, technology and advancement are quick to follow; however, protests are usually equally responsive, grating against the smooth gears of progress....
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