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Letter to the Editor: Don’t forget U.N. successes even with its...

I find the conclusion of Friday's piece titled "U.N. fails to live up to mission" by Alex Turner troubling.

This was not only for its narrow standards on which U.N. success was measured (namely, failing to prevent atrocities comparable to those that occurred in WWII), but also the lack of consideration for a myriad of other U.N. accomplishments that are more indicative of its success.

Core curriculum hinders students

For university officials around the nation, one of the most pressing issues in regard to the core curriculum is the debate over what exactly...

Poor diplomacy to blame for strained U.S., North Korea ties

In January 1993, when International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors were rejected by North Korea with the threat that the North Koreans would process spent nuclear fuel rods into plutonium - a crucial ingredient of nuclear weaponry.The scare was that even while the threat of North Korea could easily be extinguished by the combined militaries of the United States and South Korea, North Korea had the capacity to launch several bombs into nearby South Korea.

Mentally ill citizens deserve fair treatment under the law

Tadrick is a prisoner at the Tarrant County Jail in downtown Fort Worth.Linda Collins, a clinical psychologist at the Tarrant County Justice Center, said that in Tadrick's youth, his mother was constantly finding herself in prison for theft and drug dealing. His father ran away from the family when he was 2 years old. With no parents to raise him, Tadrick moved in with his abusive grandmother, a cocaine addict.

Five years later, war on terror not warranted

Five years ago during my 8th grade U.S. History course, I vividly remember watching two American Airlines flights violently crash into the World Trade Center on TV, sending cascading smoke and debris into the air.My dad is an American Airlines pilot who was flying to an unbeknownst destination on Sept. 11. With no possible way to contact him, 9/11 was initially more than a national catastrophe to me - it was a personal disaster. To me, going to war was originally a practical and well-founded idea.

Presidency, politics now for elite

On a regular basis, U.S. citizens are subjected to the foundations of what our nation stands for. We are a nation of risk-taking entrepreneurs...
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