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Student organization works to increase autism awareness on campus

“Autism Speaks U” showed the Emmy Award winning movie "Temple Grandin" to psychology students on Tuesday night to raise awareness for the organization and for autism.

Bobby Pendry, vice president of the chapter, said he hoped more students would understand autism after watching the movie.

Campus resources available to minimize finals anxiety

With finals approaching, students can use various techniques and campus resources to minimize stress.

Both the Counseling, Testing and Mental Health Center (CTMH) and the Office of Campus Life offer services to students suffering from large amounts of stress.

Students relax, relieve stress with rec center massages

The University Recreation Center offers massages for students who need help relaxing and relieving stress throughout finals season and after workouts. University massage therapist Anita...

Professor says gaming can help relieve stress

Video games do not always hinder studying. Sometimes they can help students relieve stress and learn class material. Johnny Nhan, an assistant professor of criminal...

Environmental Club and Terracycle promote recycling on campus

The university's environmental club and Residence Hall Association partnered with Terracycle to bring a new recycling contest to campus. The competition, which started after fall...

Slideshow: Horned Frogs get into the Halloween spirit

The spooky spirit circulates throughout TCU as students, faculty and staff decorate, dress up and celebrate Wednesday.

Myspace is cool again

Over the past six years, Myspace has lost some of its users due to its lack of professionalism and lack of followers. However, I believe it is due for a comeback.

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