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Rage Against the Machine’s lyrics and philosophy lacking

Editor's note: This column contains explicit lyrics.

I was in my car the other day when "Down Rodeo" by Rage Against the Machine came on the radio. There's no doubt these guys are talented musicians, but their philosophical consistency is lacking.

There were some lines in the song that made me chuckle: "A thousand years they had the tools/ We should be taking them/ Fuck the G-ride! I want the machines that are making them."

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Satire: Assigned research will level pay disparities between professors

There is a great and shameful disparity in pay among assistant professors and full-time professors. The promotion system in the humanities is inherently flawed. It rewards certain professors with greater wealth and prestige who produce more and better research, while it tramples all others. The laissez-faire status quo in humanities research rewards the "haves" at the expense of the "have-nots." It is a grindingly oppressive culture that must be regulated to ensure fairness.

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