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SGA resolution supports driving eco-friedly cars

The Student Government Association House of Representatives now supports the development of designated parking with reduced price and preference options for students and faculty...

SGA approves installation of more bike racks

The Student Government Association House of Representatives passed a bill and a resolution Tuesday to aid efforts to promote the green movement on campus.

SGA passed a bill to allocate money to install 11 bicycle racks on campus to accommodate the increasing number of students who ride their bike to class. Campus Advancement allocated $4,368.72 from its budget to fund the supplies, equipment and services to put in the bike racks by the end of the semester. SGA logos will be added to these racks.

SGA passes bill addressing short-notice legislation

The Student Government Association House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that clarifies how legislation is presented to SGA on a time constraint.The bill...

Get the scoop on who’s on the ballot

This story was edited Nov. 11 at 11:45 a.m. to remove information from Justin LaPoten. He is no longer a candidate for vice president. Check back later for more information.


Kelly Barnes

Hometown: Austin

Year: Junior

Major: Political science

The role of the Student Body President is to represent the students' interests. My platform aims to do just that.

SGA passes resolution to honor members with cords, medallions at graduation

The Student Government Association House of Representatives passed a resolution that would allow SGA members to wear medallions and cords at graduation, but upheld a veto to reject emergency funding for a sorority's philanthropy event.

Eta Iota Sigma approached SGA to request $500 in emergency funds to help produce their annual dance marathon to raise money for their philanthropy. The House executive committee rejected the request to allocate money to HIS, arguing the request did not meet emergency status criteria.

Q&A: SGA president reflects on his term

Thomas Pressly, president of the Student Government Association, is near the completion of his term in office, which also ends his four-year affiliation with SGA. Pressly, a senior communication studies major and member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, became involved with SGA his freshman year as a representative for the AddRan College of Liberal Arts. The SGA officer candidates will know their positions Nov. 4. The new officers will be sworn in and begin their terms in January.

SGA president vetoes resolution supporting new Neeley students

Student Government Association President Thomas Pressly vetoed a resolution that passed by a close roll call vote at Tuesday's House meeting.Neeley School of Business...

SGA passes resolution calling for provided test materials

Scantrons and Blue Books could become one less thing for students to worry about in preparation for exams.

The Student Government Association's House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday that supported SGA supplying the necessary materials for students to take tests and exams.

The resolution was introduced by Campus Advancement chair Brett Major and Academic Affairs chair Candace Ruocco. It was the only piece of legislation discussed in the meeting.

Judicial Board appointments leave trio of Greek brothers

The Student Government Association House of Representatives approved two new members of the Judicial Board in Tuesday's meeting despite reservations about how three of the five board members belong to the same Greek organization.

President Thomas Pressly nominated representatives Alex Carr and Chad Dresser, whose approval required a two-thirds vote from the House. Dresser is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and is the third board member from the fraternity.

SGA grants treasurer more authority

Student Government Association House of representatives butted heads with one another in Tuesday's meeting over a bill that would shift authority from the president...
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