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House tables $38K loan for CEO TV station

A representative from the entrepreneurial organization asking for a $37,545 loan from the House of Student Representatives presented its case at its meeting last...

Despite troubles, prof has backers

Colleagues say Brite Divinity School professor Stephen Sprinkle has made strong contributions to the church community, despite the controversies that have also followed him. Sprinkle,...

Pi Kap grant survives

Four members of Pi Kappa Phi are $4,000 closer to biking across the country for their philanthropy this summer. The House of Student Representatives originally...

SGA pays for legal advice

Dave Meyer, a freshman pre-major, said he saved $75 in legal fees by going to the lawyer provided free of charge by the Student...

Move brings added visibility

The Frogs’ leap from Conference USA to the Mountain West Conference should bring more national visibility to the conference, said Chris Hill, Utah’s athletics director.

New menacing SuperFrog suit bought by SGA will be used by...

SuperFrog will soon be sporting a more menacing face around campus because of a bill passed by the House of Student Representatives to help buy TCU Cheer a new mascot suit.

Mountain West advantage: Shift in conferences will leave C-USA trailing

The Conference USA the Horned Frogs belong to today is not the same conference it will be leaving behind in 2005.

TCU meal card: Do not leave home without it

A burger, fries and a drink in The Main: $4.47. The same meal at Wendy’s: $3.89. Being able to eat out on send home: priceless.

Using meal cards to eat off campus could be a reality for students in the future, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said in an e-mail interview.

A day for mourning: Body is Crane’s; suspects charged

A body discovered Tuesday in southern Oklahoma was identified as that of missing retired professor Laura Lee Crane, police said Wednesday afternoon. Two Fort Worth residents linked to her disappearance have been charged with capital murder, police said. 

Student Government works to eliminate loopholes to end improper campaigning

The House of Student Representatives plans to revise the SGA election code this semester after the controversy surrounding last semester’s election. “The entire code will...
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