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Students offered nutritional supplements at a discount

Students looking for nutritional supplements can start with a 25 percent discount at the Hulen General Nutrition Center.

GNC offers supplements such as daily multi-vitamins, protein, pre-workout powder and creatine, according to GNC’s website.

Sustainability website tries to communicate on-campus green initiatives

Students can advertise their sustainable acts to show how green TCU's campus is on the university’s sustainability website.

Finance educator: Students lack credit knowledge, education

Some students have not begun to build their credit score for the future.

Equifax, a credit reporting agencies, defines credit as "a mathematical model designed to predict credit risk, based on data contained within your credit file." 

Student pushes residence hall to recycle

Due to her sustainable background, freshman nutrition major Mary-Catherine Stockman wants to make recycling a priority in her residence hall. As the Eco-Rep for her residence...

“Autism Speaks U Texas Christian University” advocacy group establishes on campus

Bobby Pendry, sophomore neuroscience major, and Megan Pruitt, senior psychology major and child development minor, combined their efforts with Naomi Ekas, assistant psychology professor,...

Purple Bike Program terminated due to cost, liability

The TCU Capital Planning Committee decided to eliminate the Purple Bike Program in January 2011. The Purple Bike Program was created over ten years ago...

University ‘goes green’ across campus

As enrollment grows in size, so does the number of green and sustainable programs on campus.  

According to the Princeton Review, the university is one of the most “environmentally-responsible” college campuses in the nation. The university began its green movement in 1996, the university website states.

Parking is a main focus for commuters

A common sight at the beginning of the year is TCU Police officers issuing tickets in zoned lots. At the end of the semester,...
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