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Music: Kings of Leon album appealing to rock music fans

On Kings of Leon's new album, "Because of the Times," the band takes lots of risks and stretches their sound into a new universe.The band's first album, "Youth and Young Manhood," released in 2003, sounded like a band of kids playing in your living room.

On "Aha Shake Heartbreak," released in 2005, the band's sound was a little more refined. Singer/guitarist Caleb Folowill's lyrics and hound-dog singing voice made fans out of girls everywhere, and it was one of the best party-rock records ever.

In a League of Her Own

The senior art exhibition is featuring the work of just one senior this semester.Senior art education major Christin Sharp is the lone artist featured in the exhibition hall in Moudy North this semester. This is a rarity considering most semesters feature about four or five graduating seniors.

Sharp's emphasis is in ceramics, and six of her pieces are on display in the exhibition.

Sharp said she has been working on these pieces since 2005 and said the inspiration behind her works isn't necessarily one single thought or idea.

Foo forgo studio on new CD

The Foo Fighters have been known for their loud and exciting rock shows, but on the band's new live album, titled "Skin and Bones,"...

Music companies pull the strings on tab-sharing sites

Aspiring guitarists are finding it harder to learn their favorite songs these days as a new threat of lawsuits from the music industry has started the decline in online guitar tablature sites.One of the largest guitar tablature sites on the net, Olga.net - Online Guitar Archive - has been the main target in recent copyright infringement lawsuit threats from the National Music Publishers Association and the Music Publishers Association of the United States.

Volleyball: Coach sets goal to win in regular-season play

As regular-season play comes to a close for the Horned Frogs volleyball team (17-12, 5-9), head coach Prentice Lewis only has one goal: to win.The Frogs go on the road this weekend to face the New Mexico Lobos (8-18, 4-10), and Lewis said winning is the team's goal.

"We're going to play them at their house, which is always different," Lewis said. "Our athletes are excited, and it's down to crunch time for us."

‘Idol’ alum releases debut country CD

"American Idol" has done it again. Kellie Pickler's debut album, "Small Town Girl," released on Oct. 31, is sure to be a hit with...

Patterson expects intense crowd in New Mexico

Coming off a 25-10 win over the UNLV Rebels in Las Vegas, the Horned Frogs will travel to Albuquerque, N.M., to take on the New Mexico Lobos on Saturday.Head coach Gary Patterson said Tuesday at the weekly Coaches' Luncheon, that the Horned Frogs are preparing heavily to play the Lobos.

"There is a lot more preparation that goes in for us," Patterson said. "You have to prepare, especially when you play in somebody else's house, to not give up the easy touchdown."

Women’s Golf: Coach: Rank doesn’t reflect play

Even though the women's golf team didn't finish as well as they may have wanted, the coach said none of the players are getting down about the team's 11th-place finish at the Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown.Head coach Angie Ravaioli-Larkin said while the team's finish doesn't look too great on paper, it doesn't reflect the game played.

"Our finish doesn't show that great," Ravaioli-Larkin said. "But it is not that we played badly. Everyone in the league are really good players, which makes for a very competitive game."

Coach: UNLV tough to beat

While the Horned Frogs' (5-2, 1-2) Homecoming 26-3 win over the Wyoming Cowboys (4-5, 3-2) was exciting for the team and fans alike, head coach Gary Patterson said at the weekly Coaches' Luncheon Tuesday there's nothing to get too excited about just yet."After the Wyoming win, there was not really much to say," Patterson said. "All you can do is keep your nose down while you are looking up."

Patterson said the team's position in the Mountain West Conference standings, sixth place, is nothing to be happy about.

CD Review: Unevolved, over-the-top third album unimpressive at best

If you have never heard of My Chemical Romance, it is probably because you are not a regular watcher of MTV's TRL.Following its huge 2004 smash album, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge," MCR is back with its new record "The Black Parade."

As the title suggests, the record is full of heavy guitar-driven tunes complete with morose, dark lyrics.

The song titles speak for the album's overall lyrical meaning. With songs such as "Dead!," "I Don't Love You," "Cancer" and "Disenchanted," it's easy at first glance to understand what this album is all about.

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