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Experiences at the Skiff to be cherished

I am a slave to this newspaper.It owns my soul. It tests my sanity on a nightly basis. And even as the hours dwell...

People should be more careful about their words

It seems that hyperbole has become more than just a rhetorical tool lately.

In the last week alone, no fewer than three instances of exaggeration from high-profile speakers have wavered near the line that divides creative expression from doltish blathering.

On April 2, Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, told an audience at Stanford University that saving his paper during the struggling industry's most perilous times "now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause."

Proposed playoffs better for BCS games

Since the Bowl Championship Series began in 1998, it seems that each year has brought greater opposition from fans to the selection system that...

Meal plan changes give students more options

In the world of meal options, a topic that has produced headaches for students on campus over the years, it's good to see the university is making some meaningful changes.

The addition in the 2009-2010 school year of Campus Cash, a program similar to Frog Bucks used at on-campus locations, adds flexibility to the dining process, giving students the opportunity to use some funds in their meal plans at places like 1873 Sports Bar & Grill, The Corner Store and Sub Connection.

Women’s tennis team hopes to rebound with Texas A&M

After losing its third consecutive event Saturday at home against the University of Alabama, the women's tennis team will try to right the ship Thursday with a visit to College Station.

With both teams cheering on the final match from the sidelines, the team lost a nail-biter Saturday afternoon at the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center, falling to the Crimson Tide 4-3. The matches were moved indoors due to wind.

Women’s tennis falls to Alabama for third straight loss

With both teams cheering on the final match from the sidelines, the women's tennis team lost a nail-biter Saturday afternoon at the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center, falling to the Alabama Crimson Tide 4-3.For the Horned Frogs, it was the second straight event that came down the final singles match, as sophomore Idunn Hertzberg fell to the Tide's Taylor Lindsey, 4-6, 4-6. The matches marked the team's third straight loss.

Miami whisks victory after tough battle with women’s tennis team

An early doubles victory couldn't help the women's tennis team stop the No. 10 University of Miami squad on Sunday as the team fell 6-1 after the Hurricanes swept singles play. For the Horned Frogs, however, the outcome didn't reflect the team's effort.

Three of the six singles matches went into third sets, including a heated match between sixth-ranked junior Nina Munch-Soegaard and the Hurricanes' Julia Cohen, ranked 20th in the nation.

Facebook users should be cautious about content

Oops. You might have just signed your life away to Facebook.After the beloved social networking site adapted its terms of use earlier this month...

Laptops should not be banned from the classroom

It's the 21st century, professors.

But for some educators on campus who have banned the use of laptops in class, when it comes to note taking, it might as well be the 15th.

At a university where students are constantly encouraged to think globally, and where millions of dollars have been devoted to modernizing infrastructure in an effort to keep students on the technological cutting edge, it's absurd to require students to limit the reach of their resources.

New drilling site proposal makes effective compromise

After a protracted debate concerning a proposed on-campus drilling site that involved the city of Fort Worth, Chesapeake Energy, neighborhood and university officials, Chesapeake finally unveiled a plan that - for now - looks like it will satisfy all parties.

The "Meerkat to Seminary Plan" would allow Chesapeake to produce the minerals of some 5,000 acres, including those belonging to the university, a company spokeswoman said.

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