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New travel grant good for research diversity

If you've never heard of the university's Institute on Women and Gender, chances are you're not alone.With the odd event here and there throughout...

Police: No crime committed in branding incident

Police in Breckenridge, Colo., concluded that no crime was committed during a Jan. 8 branding incident involving Kappa Sigma member Amon "Chance" Carter IV, according to a press release issued Thursday.

Police investigators and Summit County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert reviewed written statements from Carter and other university students along with photographs and video clips of the incident, according to the press release. Hurlbert agreed with police that there was no probable cause to believe a crime had been committed, according to the release.

Religious indoctrination doesn’t belong in any classroom

At a university like this that has origins rooted in religious affiliation, some presume that the line between factual instruction and religious indoctrination is...

Mayor Moncrief: Public service a priority

Clad in sophisticated rodeo wear and sitting in a spacious back room of Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum, Mayor Mike Moncrief looked deeply introspective as he mulled over his answers to a string of personal questions. While Crayola might describe the color of his blazer as "Texas chestnut," the rich hue was not the only stand-out aspect of the mayor's appearance that day. A single golden Stock Show & Rodeo pin resting neatly on his left lapel seemed to sum up Moncrief in perfectly simple terms: "This Thing is Legendary."

Renting textbooks more financially feasible for students

As an inescapable part of the college experience, textbook costs are widely considered one of the most agonized-over subjects among university students. A new...

Future of writing aid program unclear

University students looking for one-on-one help with writing assignments may lose a valuable campus resource next spring as the future of the Writing Associates Program remains unclear, a program official said.

Dan Williams, director of the Writing Associates Program, said the group's budget is set to expire in June 2010, at the end of the fiscal year. Williams said there was a possibility that the program might be continued in a different form next year, but that he had not yet heard of any decision.

Applying early doesn’t help chances of receiving aid

Contrary to findings from an article out earlier this month on SmartMoney.com, applying early to some colleges might not be a sure bet to secure adequate financial aid, a university official said.

Mike Scott, director of scholarships and student financial aid, said while the university did have an early action application deadline in November, decisions from his office on financial aid would not be made until February. He said arrangements for academic scholarships followed the early action deadline and the Dec. 15 deadline for award consideration.

Eco-friendly store opens near campus

For Fort Worth native Liz Johnston, owner of the eco-friendly wares store The Greener Good, educating the community motivated her to open a retail location to accompany a growing online business, she said. So far, the flagship location, which opened Nov. 11, embodies the "it's all good" attitude that is the company's slogan.

"We really wanted to give (Fort Worth) an opportunity to see that it is in fact worthwhile to use these products," Johnston said. "They are better for the environment, they are better for you and they actually work."

Fort Worth mayor establishes ‘Go Purple Day’

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief said he supports the university's football program and encouraged city residents and employers to show their pride this Friday as part of the first-ever "Go Purple Day."

As part of the day of Horned Frog awareness, Moncrief said people should go casual and wear purple to work to recognize the team.

Moncrief said he hoped the day of celebration would help increase the city's and the team's presence on a national scale.

More campus buildings to get green renovations

The university has plans to renovate five more campus buildings to environmentally-friendly standards in addition to the recently-completed Sherley Hall, an industry expert said....
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