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Students get creative to watch football games

From cross country road-tripping to backyard game-watching parties, students got creative in their efforts to catch the away games of the undefeated Horned Frog football team, a senior student said. Geoff Dice, a marketing major, said he and his roommates traveled to the Clemson game, but took a different approach when the Frogs faced BYU.

A recently-acquired set of projector equipment and a 110-inch screen enabled the three men and about 80 of their friends to view the game from their own backyard.

‘Black out’ event causes conflict with ‘pink out’ supporters

A Facebook event urging students to wear all-black to the Nov. 14 football game against the University of Utah - TCU's Pink Out game in support of breast cancer research - has generated debate on campus about what is the appropriate way to show school spirit.

Logan Luzzo, a freshman pre-business major, said he and a few friends decided to create the event in response to recent criticism concerning poor student attendance at home football games. As part of the "blackout," attendees would wear black shirts or pants as a sign of unity and intimidation in the spirit of competition.

Teens doing more to help pay for college study shows

University graduate student Mary Cassaro said her parents taught her the importance of smart saving skills early on. Around age 12, years before higher education was on her mind, she said money earned from the occasional baby-sitting job allowed her to begin a bank account of her own.

"I think that when emergency situations did come it was nice that (the money) was there," Cassaro said. "It was a last resort kind of thing, but it has helped with everything."

Game coverage available despite TV provider dispute

An impasse in negotiations between the university's cable provider and the channel that carries Horned Frog football games will not prevent students from getting...

Football program sparks interest in university

National media coverage following the recent success of the university's football program is a priceless marketing asset for the school, a university official said.

ESPN's College GameDay show and Sports Illustrated are both hot on the Horned Frogs' trail as the team heads to BYU this weekend.

"The exposure that we'll receive on Saturday with the GameDay show and also with some other ESPN pieces leading up to Saturday (is) immeasurable," said Mark Cohen, director of athletic media relations for the university. "I don't think you could put a price tag on it."

H1N1 flu vaccines to be available on campus soon

While concern about the H1N1 flu remains, vaccines for the disease are scarce but should be available on campus soon, a university official said.

Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, said Texas has not received the vaccines the state requested.

"The state of Texas had originally asked for 8 million doses and right now they've been granted 142,000," Mills said. "Those are being allocated to people at risk and health care workers. We expect to get some vaccine towards the end of the month, but we don't know how much or exactly when."

Bill to increase Pell Grant funding will have little impact

A bill that would increase funding for higher education via the Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Perkins Loan programs, if passed, would not have a significant impact on the university, a financial aid official said.

Michael Scott, director of financial aid, said the bill, which awaits Senate committee action, would help some, but the overall impact at the university would be minimal because only 10 percent of the student body received Federal Pell grants last year.

Schooling with your pet: Tips for animal lovers

Introducing a pet into a home has its benefits, but choosing the right pet and training your pet can be difficult for college students.

Senior Andrea Dean had always been an animal lover, but when two friends gave her a yellow lab puppy last year she realized how important proper animal training could be, especially while sharing her time and space with two other roommates. Dean said she quickly realized instilling good manners in her dog, Lili, from an early age would be the key to a happy and comfortable life in her duplex near campus.

Justice: Oath to constitution a priority

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' utmost concern as a judge is to honor the oath he took to uphold the U.S. Constitution, he said during a lecture at Southern Methodist University on Wednesday night.

As part of the SMU Tate Lecture Series, which brings distinguished speakers from various fields to the school's campus, Thomas spoke of his experience with the Supreme Court.

"You realize that you work for something that is much larger than you are," he said. "(It's) something that is so depended on by your fellow citizens."

University officials question logic of college ranking system

The university was ranked No. 149 out of 258 schools surveyed in this month's The Washington Monthly magazine report on social mobility, research and service within national universities.

Paul Glastris, the magazine's editor-in-chief, said the annual survey, which received funding from the Lumina Foundation for Education this year, aimed to estimate each institution's contribution to the country by examining publicly available data.

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