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Alpha Chi members questioned after neighbor complaint

Editor's note: This story was edited for accuracy on Sept. 15 at 10:45 p.m.Members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority are undergoing questioning by...

Canceled tuition contract refunds undergoing change

Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan investors looking for big returns on their canceled contracts might want to take a closer look at their savings strategy...

Despite economy university endowment remains stable

The university endowment fund took a $200 million hit last year, but its current condition is stable, and even showing signs of improvement, Chancellor Victor Boschini said.

After withstanding the turbulent financial atmosphere of recent months, the funds appear to be in good hands after years of conservative and prudent spending tactics, Boschini wrote in an e-mail Wednesday.

"This enduring policy of fiscal conservatism has helped make TCU as strong as it is today despite the ups and downs of our general economy," Boschini wrote.

New program to inform students about study abroad

The Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad has introduced the new Veteran International Student Ambassador Program for returning students looking to share their experiences with potential student globetrotters beginning this fall.

Lisa Ellor, study abroad coordinator, wrote in an e-mail that the initiative, also called the VISA Corps, aims to draw on the exposure study abroad alums receive during their travels in order to inform and assist other university students.

Cable giant and TV provider conflict keeps games from campus viewers

Students living on campus lost access to coverage of several major sports leagues Monday because of a negotiations impasse between the owner of sports network Versus and its provider on campus.

Versus, a cable sports network owned by cable giant Comcast, specializes in providing coverage of college football, and niche sports like the National Hockey League and World Extreme Cagefighting.

Counterpoint: Vick deserves a minimum wage job, not a football career

So, you just got sprung from the big house and you're looking for something to get into. Toiling away long hours at a minimum wage job? Living in grandma's basement for the winter, again? Signing with a moderately successful NFL franchise in the scenic and rather chilly Northeast? Sure, you think you could work with that last one.

Your new lease on life depends on one little condition: the first paycheck's got to be at least a million and a half. American dollars, that is.

Income-based loan repayment plan gives students relief


A story from the Aug. 26 edition of the Daily Skiff, "New repayment plan offered," that included information attributed to Edie Irons, communications director at the Project on Student Debt, should have stated that she said the only loans that do not meet the specifications for the IBR program are private loans funded by private lenders. Additionally, Irons said private lenders are held accountable for fairness in the repayment of federal loans.

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