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Girls Fight Back program comes to TCU

Read our live blog of the Girls Fight Back seminar tonight in the BLUU ballroom.    

KTCU to host new health radio show

KTCU will soon be the host of a new health-based radio show called the Wellness Spot, which will debut on March 2. The new show...

TCU Recovery Support Group helps students struggling with addiction

The TCU Recovery Support Group hopes to prevent relapse by creating a community for students in recovery, Rachel Leshner, program specialist in the Alcohol...

Brian Cuban to speak about body image Tuesday

Brian Cuban, brother of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, will discuss his struggle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) on Tuesday.  Cuban will talk about dealing with BDD...

Opinion: The fascination with Tinder will fade

Just as any other fad, this one is about to diminish. The first time I heard about Tinder was from one of my roommates. I...

Opinion: Armstrong should be stripped of titles

I think we all remember wearing those yellow LIVESTRONG bands and not knowing what they really stood for except that the proceeds went toward...

Students lose progress as desired majors are closed

We have always been told that we do not have to declare a major until the end of our sophomore year and changing your...
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