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Hold rappers responsible for their negative influence

Musicians have always influenced culture; the way we dress, speak, even the way we think and act. They are role models placed on a pedestal to be admired and, in some cases, practically worshipped by the masses. Musicians must realize their impact on listeners. In particular, young, impressionable minds - their core audience.

In the past, youngsters looked to rock stars for an example in bad behavior. Now, rap outshines rock, and the power of influence has shifted.

Rappers should be held responsible for many of the problematic trends they've started.

U.S. holiday traditions odd, illogical

Returning from a wonderful time of family gathering and football watching during the Thanksgiving break, I found myself questioning the function of America's holiday traditions. When boiled down to the basics, some behavior deemed normal during our most celebrated days seems downright unusual.

Let's start with Halloween.

You get decked out as a pirate, a ghost or Superman to beat on the doors of strangers, demanding candy and threatening a trick if said goodies are not handed over promptly.

Sobriety beneficial to learning, health

Most college students don't need an excuse for drinking.And if they do, there's always the pre-party before a formal, tailgating before the game, pounding shots for a friend's 21st birthday or having some brews just because the weekend is coming.

It doesn't matter what the occasion is to your average college student.

The independence of college life provides the perfect atmosphere for reckless behavior; Parents aren't around, but their money is.

Obnoxious forwards, surveys dilute MySpace content

My space is being invaded!Calling a Web site MySpace seems like an indication that users have control over what appears. This is far from the truth.

I may sound like a grumpy Gus, but if I get one more friend request on MySpace from some cyber woman named Candy, I will personally track down Tom, drag him into the street and give him the beating he deserves.

I'm sure any MySpace user knows what I'm talking about: the endless amount of spam that clogs up your once-stylish profile, making it an eyesore.

He Said: Though good for social life, lack of college men...

I think the Beach Boys had the right idea when they sang, "Two girls for every boy." I'm no betting man, but I know favorable odds when I see them, and attending a school where the undergraduate majority is the opposite sex has its advantages.

With a TCU population that is 58 percent women, it is easy to see how in the next few years the Beach Boys' light-hearted tune could turn prophetic in the realm of higher education at least.

That's quite alright with me.

To avoid on-campus violations, students can read handbook

The goal of the campus judicial system is to fairly assess behavior and to take corrective action accordingly, said the associate dean of students.The campus judicial system operates on the understanding that students know what they can and cannot do, said Glory Robinson, disciplinary officer and associate dean of students.

She said it is her job to process violations of the student code of conduct, and her goal is to form an assessment of how the violations should be treated by speaking to as many sources as possible.

Find cultural alternative to average TV, film

When was the last time you went to a museum? What about a play? Visit any art galleries lately? Read any poetry? If you answered yes to any of these questions give yourself a pat on the back, you just earned yourself some "Culture Points."

If our colonial ancestors caught a glimpse of the ways we entertain ourselves, they'd pull off a glove finger by finger and slap our collective face, Bugs Bunny style.

Career Services official: Networking key to finding job

The time draws near when Daddy's pocketbook no longer opens at your wish. No need for worry though; you're all grown up, and it's time to earn your keep. Now the only question is: Who in the world is actually going to hire me? Job searching Web sites such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com have become a popular way to find out about potential careers, overtaking print medium want-ads because of the ease of use and practically unlimited space, according to a PBS Frontline news special about converging media.

Elementary to College

Children scrambled all across campus to be rewarded with unsolved math and science problems Wednesday. Fourth- and fifth-graders from 20 schools in Fort Worth ISD applied their knowledge of science and math to the TCU campus, calculating angles, assessing the habitat of campus wildlife, converting measurements and many more activities as part of a program called the "Math and Science Trail".

New to TCU, the trail tested the students based on a curriculum similar to that of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills test, according to a press release.

Senior display interior design work

Seniors of the interior design department displayed their favorite work to the public last night, drawing the attention of some big names in the business, said Jennifer Jackson, senior interior design major.Interior designers came from all over the globe to attend the show, including Barbara Bouyea, a lighting specialist from Connecticut, and Ken Flower, a lighting specialist from Australia.

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