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President: SGA needs student feedback

Students involved in student government have to face many challenges - from gaining the support of their peers to working with university administrators; student government leaders find themselves working to overcome many obstacles. Student Government Association President Trevor Heaney said the goal of student government is to act as a liaison between the administration, the students, alumni and the surrounding community.

Prepare for climate changes, speaker says

The world is in an ice age right now, a geography professor told a group of students and faculty members Tuesday morning in Dan Rogers Hall."Over the past billion years, the planet has, every several hundred million years or so, been going through an ice age," said Harm de Blij, distinguished professor of geography at Michigan State University. "We don't realize it because it is so salubrious and pleasant and predictable out there, that we kind of can't imagine that we might fall off a cliff all of a sudden, environmentally."

America’s job not finished in Iraq

One of the biggest questions over the past few years has been whether the United States should have gotten involved, much less stayed involved, in Iraq. There appears to be a different opinion with each person you ask.American forces began hostilities against Iraq on March 19, 2003, after the U.S.-imposed deadline for Saddam Hussein and his sons to leave Iraq expired. Since that time, the world has witnessed the fall of Hussein's regime and his capture nine months later on Dec. 13, 2003.

TCU Theatre deserves more acknowledgement

As the curtain fell on the last production of the TCU Theatre fall season, the actors, actresses, sound and set technicians, and costume designers breathed a sigh of relief knowing that for another semester they had put on three successful shows for the TCU community.TCU Theatre, now in its 61st season, is not your average collegiate theater department.

The amount of work put into each show is evident through the acting, costumes and set design.

It takes around five to six weeks to build each of the sets, sew the costumes and rehearse for opening night.

United States should outlaw torture

Recently, the Senate passed a ban on the torture of any suspected terrorist in U.S. custody.This ban has come following allegations that cruel and unusual methods of retrieving information were being used in Iraq by U.S. personnel.

The move to prevent this type of action against captives is a good move.

It is the responsibility of the United States as a world superpower to act in such a way as to be a role model for other nations.

Nudity is important to arts, should be in good taste

For centuries, the human body has been a centerpiece of the arts. Through sculpture, paintings, theater and dance, the body has given the artist an outlet to display thoughts, feelings and emotions.The human figure is often depicted in classical art as nude, which many feel is done to preserve the body's beauty. But since the advent of such mediums as television and still photography, images of the human body have been taken to a new level. These images often do not aim to capture the body as a work of art, but for other culturally taboo depictions.

Public transit benefits Metroplex

Many students already take advantage of the shuttle between Worth Hills and the Student Center, but taking the T to other destinations in the city will help both students and the city itself.The T is a public bus system that services downtown Fort Worth and various places in Tarrant County.

From TCU, you can catch the bus and go to various restaurants, movie theaters and shopping malls.

These trips do not take long, and buses run throughout the week.

Let us know!

Although we do not have a winner in the Student Government Association presidential race yet, it is not too early to look toward the future of the SGA. Judging by the fewer than 2,000 students casting votes in Tuesday's election, one of the main focuses of SGA this year should be educating the student body about its activities.

Through the use of public forums, letters to the editor and sidewalk fliers, SGA needs to work on getting its message out.

Vote today: Let your voice be heard

While the minds of many on the TCU campus are turned toward today's vote on Proposition 2, we must not forget about the other reason to go to the polls: student body elections.Each fall, the Student Government Association changes its leadership by bringing in new faces with new ideas for improving the student experience. This is your chance as a student to decide who you want to represent you over the next year.

Eleven of our classmates have decided they want to make a difference and have "thrown their hat into the ring."

Notes of harmony: Music important to development

"Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns." That simple song brings back memories for many people of their elementary school music classes. For others, it may be the first time they took lessons for piano, guitar or some other instrument.

I learned it on recorder myself, and I had it down. Of course, it consisted of only three notes, which was just fine for a third-grader like me.

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