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Technology aids education in changing times

Here I am, a 20-year-old college junior, trying to make ends meet and kindergartners have opportunities I never had.Every day in kindergarten classrooms across the country, iPods are being utilized to teach 5-year-olds phonics and vocabulary.

What? I remember when kindergarten meant learning the ABCs, nap time and eating paste. Are those days beginning to fade away? I hope not.

The rise of technology has had both its good and bad effects on children. Technology has the power to enrich the learning experience, but it also has the ability to cause problems.

Hand washing: simple, yet vital to health

No one I know likes to be sick.Most people do anything they can to avoid coming down with the slightest of illnesses.

Why, oh why, then do I continue to see people walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands?

You would think this is the first thing people think about when they finish doing their "business," but it continues to slip people's minds.

According to a WebMD article, a survey was conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide in 2003 where 7,500 people in six airports were monitored to see if they washed their hands.

Students graduate top of officer school

Senior Laura Crowe, along with two other TCU students, participated in officer candidate school this summer and graduated second in the nation out of all of the women who participated.Seniors Nathan Cross and Kevin Shipton, along with Crowe, were among 1,000 participants from across the nation in Quantico, Va. this summer for the Marine Corps.

"Early to rise and late to bed" is the best way to explain the daily experience at camp, said Shipton, a sociology major.

Aid given to students affected by Katrina

TCU students who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina will soon be receiving aid from the Student Government Association. According to legislation passed by...
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