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E-checks bring favorable change

There seems to be news about how TCU is becoming more eco-friendly every day. There is the TCU Purple Bike program, plans for a walking campus and the RecycleMania campaign.Not to be outdone, TCU payroll will soon have a greener attitude as well. All financial information from paychecks to W-2 forms will be available online, making more than 72,000 printouts and envelopes unnecessary. The plan is to complete this change by the end of January when W-2s are sent out.

KTCU shutdown wise security move

Security seems to top the list of concerns anywhere from businesses to schools to airports.TCU is no exception to this rule especially with the recent harassing phone calls made to KTCU disc jockies Tuesday night.

These calls were severe enough to prompt security guards to escort the DJs home. With something as unorthodox as a disgruntled listener making threats to a student radio station, the RTVF faculty and TCU Police acted exceptionally quickly and diligently to safeguard the affected students.

Volunteer service helps mold leaders

From the first day of orientation, TCU students are spoon-fed the idea of being ethical leaders and responsible citizens, so it's not surprising that...

Fault shared for Fla. Taser incident

There was nothing civil about Andrew Meyer, the 21-year-old University of Florida student who met the business end of a Taser on Monday at a John Kerry forum.

Going green not just new fad

Over the years, student consciousness toward the environment has fluctuated from low, to very low and back up to mediocre. It has never been something to brag about, especially since January when a national survey of 100 universities rated TCU as having a "D" in its recycling practices.Until this sub-par grade was issued, very few visible changes have been made to campus. Recently the Styrofoam cups in The Main have been replaced with biodegradable cups and organic straws.

City’s smoking ban not enough

Smoking in public areas has been contested for at least the last decade. Gone are the days when smokers and non-smokers were separated by a small wall or a walkway in restaurants. But bars have never had such a distinct and "clear" division. However, the anti-smoking attitude which has gained momentum in the last decade has yet to leave its mark on most of Texas.But do government agencies have the right to legislate lifestyle changes? The votes are in and most say yes to not smoking in open areas. Fort Worth has legislated a ban on smoking in restaurants but not bars.

No commencement ceremony speaker for May graduates

TCU's largest graduating class will end its undergraduate career May 12. Chancellor Victor Boschini said this spring will see the largest graduating class in the history of TCU. Because the graduating classes are progressively growing larger, there will be no speakers at the commencement ceremony, he said.

The ceremony will be held in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

To accommodate the large size of the graduating class, the ceremony will be divided into two sections, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Local band to perform service in Uganda

Here's something you don't hear everyday. A local Fort Worth band, describing itself as the baby of U2 and Tom Petty, will be going to Uganda this summer to do humanitarian work.Guitarist Josh Jenkins, 21, and lead vocalist and guitarist Jamey Ice, 22, both for Green River Ordinance, said their trip will start in Kenya building wells with the humanitarian group Blood:Water Mission.

After building wells in Kenya, GRO plans go to Uganda for three weeks to help in any humanitarian work they can.

Drop It

The lawn outside Clark Hall on Thursday was the scene of the first Red Bull Gravity Challenge in the U.S. Contestants built protective casings for their eggs, which were then dropped from 50 feet. Winners were determined on how little the egg was damaged, the creativity of the team and their 'egg-quipment.'

Designs for the 'egg-quipment' ranged from a papier-mache baby to a volcano filled with baking soda.

SGA approves budget granting members scholarships

SGA approved the 2007-2008 budget giving House of Student Representatives members scholarships and reducing funding to the Activities Funding Board. Previously, the House of Student Representatives' Finance Committee rejected the budget because not enough funding was allocated to organizational funding. The House approved the proposed budget Tuesday after a debate over several issues ranging from scholarships to whether members out of dress code could vote. The budget passed with a 22-9 vote with three abstentions. For the vote to pass, a two-thirds majority was needed.

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