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SGA execs disappointed with scholarship legislation

An addition of scholarships to the SGA budget, which was passed Monday, has ruffled the feathers of the executive board.A total of $1,200 in scholarships was passed in SGA's budget for two members of the House of Student Representatives Monday. There are three scholarships in total, which would provide $200 per semester to the selected students. These are aimed to encourage student involvement in the House of Student Representatives throughout the semester, according to house bill 93-13, submitted Nov. 28, 2006.

SGA rejects Activity Board funding

The Student Government Association rejected a budget proposal for the first time in several years because of record-keeping discrepancies in the Activities Funding Board.Jace Thompson, student body president, said the budget was not passed because SGA wants to reduce funding to the Activities Funding Board.

"The reason we cut funding is not because we want to cut activities funding but because (we) didn't have records of how organizations spent their money," Thompson said.

Center seeks podcasting in classrooms

The Center for Instructional Services wants to make TCU more podcast-friendly in the classroom. Jess Price, media producer for CIS, said he hopes to build a comprehensive database of recordings of events held on campus as well as information from classes. Berkley and Stanford universities already have podcasts available through iTunes, and Price hopes he can do the same for TCU.

"We want to use podcasting as a value-added component to what students are learning in the classroom," Price said. "It's like reading an extra chapter outside of class."

Man accused of harassing, gets warning

TCU Police apprehended a suspect after he was seen by a TCU groundskeeper harassing a female student behind Smith Entrepreneurs Hall on Monday.The suspect was held by TCU Police officers and issued a criminal trespassing warning for being on campus and not having any business with the university, TCU Police Cpl. Brad Murphey said.

Murphey said the warning means that if the suspect is seen on campus again, he will be arrested on sight.

TCU Police described him as a 17-year-old male.

Professor to attend conference for technological improvement

A professor has been appointed to a national conference dedicated to improving the greater Fort Worth area for both residents and their wallets.Larry Kitchens, director of the Center for Instructional Services, was recently appointed to the information and technology committee as part of the National League of Cities Conference.

The committee will address issues related to providing improved cable service to homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, electronic voting practices and the use of technology as an educational tool.

AddRan looks to hire faculty member to teach Chinese

An upcoming Chinese program might grow with support from other departments.TCU currently only offers one Chinese course, but the course is being taught in English with an emphasis on culture solely. Sharon Fairchild, dean of the department of modern languages, said the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences hopes to add an actual language component to the curriculum.

The Chinese culture and civilization course is important because it can't be taught like mathematics, Fairchild said.

Director recovers from brain inflammation

The director of the Schieffer School of Journalism, Tommy Thomason, is recovering after being hospitalized Friday morning with what at first appeared to be a stroke, said William Slater, the dean of the College of Communication.Thomason's wife, Debby, said as of Friday afternoon, Thomason was being treated for viral encephalitis. In a telephone interview Monday, Tommy Thomason said he feels fine and is ready to return to work.

Moveable Webcam gives view of campus

Big brother is not the only one watching you; other students can use a camera to spy on the campus construction - and anyone going to and from the Student Center.One of the 55 cameras around campus can be manipulated by students to watch the construction 24 hours a day by going to the TCU Web site and clicking the link to the campus construction page.

Every person who logs onto the camera has 30 seconds to change the direction of the camera, said Sgt. Kelly Ham of the TCU Police.

Parking problems force faculty to use shuttles

While construction has forced a number of parking lot closures around campus, the TCU Police Chief says the university is not simply taking away spaces without providing suitable alternatives."We're not ever taking spots away without adding more," said Steve McGee, TCU Police Chief.

Since summer 2006, one-third of the lots around campus have been changed, and TCU is planning more changes in the near future, said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs.

Program to group students by interest

Soon, upperclassmen will be able to participate in a new on-campus housing program that will group them with students of similar interests.TCU Residential Services will launch the "Living Learning Communities" program February in the dorms.

The program will allow students to select an interest they share with other students and group them in the same wing of their residence hall.

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