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Fall 2009: The good and the bad

CHEERS to the football team for its 12-0 record, its upcoming BCS bowl game and the national attention it has brought to the university.

JEERS to university officials and the lack of information they passed along to students when sexual assaults occurred on campus.

CHEERS to the volleyball team for receiving an NCAA tournament bid for the first time in team history.

JEERS to next year's tuition rate of $30,000 - a price that has risen about 30 percent during the past four years.

Frogs one step away from perfect season

The Frogs' 45-10 victory over Wyoming on Saturday helped them clinch at least a share of the Mountain West Conference championship while putting them...

TCU pummels Wyoming, undefeated season remains within reach

A cold day in Laramie wasn't enough to cool down a blazing hot TCU team as the Frogs (11-0) thumped the Wyoming Cowboys 45-10 on Saturday at War Memorial Stadium. With the win, the Frogs have clinched at least a share of the Mountain West Conference championship.

Still playing for bowl eligibility, the Cowboys (5-6) came into the game with two chances remaining to reach the all-important six-win mark. But the Frogs seemed determined to make sure the Cowboys' chance to become bowl eligible would come down to their game against Colorado State next Saturday.

Students should take advantage of democratic debate

With the Texas gubernatorial election still a little less than a year away and Frog football hysteria gripping most of the city and the...

Dining Services sustainability efforts add up nicely

Dining Services and its employees have proved yet again that the department is one of the most dedicated on campus when it comes to making changes aimed at lessening the university's impact on the environment.

Their latest eco-friendly effort will give students, faculty and staff the opportunity to collect used coffee grounds for free. The grounds contain certain nutrients that, when spread on soil, can help acid-loving plants grow. The grounds have also been shown to help speed up the composting process.

Campus community should use security resources

The campus community is experiencing a heightened sense of caution after a recent series of sexual assaults involving female students.

Last Tuesday's assault involving a female student being threatened with a knife while walking on campus grounds was a tragic reminder of the times in which we live. Terrible things done by even more terrible people can happen to students -- even when they think they are in one of the safest places imaginable.

Overboard pranks abuse meaning of rivalry

While the football field rivalry between TCU and SMU dates back to the schools' first meeting in 1915 in Fort Worth, chances are the...

Lack of parking spaces escalates to frustration

Looking for a parking space on campus? No problem. Just make your way to the commuter parking lots by 8 a.m. before they fill up. Don't have class until 9 a.m.? No worries there either. There are always the parking lots by the football stadium.

The parking situation on campus has long been a topic of complaint among those who frequent the lots, but this semester it has reached a new level of hair-pulling frustration. Finding a convenient spot close to the building you need has become nearly impossible. Even the overflow lot on Sandage Avenue has been full at peak times.

Football analysis: Frogs’ special teamers experienced, talented

Field goals and field position can make all the difference in the world for a football team when the clock is winding down in the fourth quarter. Special teams are a vital part of any team, and the Frogs will be returning most of their 2008 unit for the upcoming season.

The two notable departures are running back Aaron Brown, who returned kickoffs, and Drew Combs, recipient of the 2008 College Football Rudy Award, who handled kickoffs for the team.

Mountain West Conference talks change at commissioners meeting

Nothing has been changed yet, but the Mountain West Conference's eight-team playoff proposal is still making some noise among BCS officials.Conference commissioner Craig Thompson...
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