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Horned Frogs take first conference win, defeat Wyoming Cowboys 26-3

The Horned Frogs (5-2 overall and 1-2 in conference) are back to their winning ways after defeating the Wyoming Cowboys and taking their second-straight win.Head coach Gary Patterson attributed much of the win to the resurgence of his offense, which he said had been unable to back up his defense in the preceding weeks.

"This was probably the most complete game we've had as a team," Patterson said. "Defensively, we really haven't ever played that bad all year. You say, we gave up 31 points to BYU, but, with a healthy John Beck, not very many people are holding him down."

Movie Review: ‘Fathers’ flies despite ending

Two years ago, Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Now, "Flags of our Fathers," Eastwood's latest film, seems to be his attempt at a second Oscar in three years."Fathers" tells the story of the three surviving men who hoisted the flag flown over Iwo Jima in World War II, immortalized in the statue outside the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va.

Work outside of class worthwhile

Student films. Student newspapers. Student teaching. Student nurses.With more than 7,000 undergraduate students at TCU, the need to separate oneself from the pack is...

Movie Review: Scorsese’s ‘Departed’ destined for Oscars

From the premise to the acting, "The Departed" grabs viewers and never lets go, holding their attention in the ultimate cat-and-mouse game until the grisly finale.Borrowing from the Japanese film "Infernal Affairs," "The Departed" is about two rival informants, one raised by the mob to infiltrate the Special Investigations Unit of the Massachusetts State Police Department, the other persuaded to enter the mob world.

Championship dreams vanish after first losing streak

Two and a half weeks ago, the Horned Frogs were riding high - leading the nation in consecutive wins and looking to dominate the...

SGA 2007 budget funds unnecessary events

In reading the 2007 budget for the Student Government Association, one has to question why SGA and Programming Council are spending so much money on events. Especially ones in which the majority of students both on and off campus are wholly unaware.

NACA National? Frog of the Week? Movie Night Series?

These are just a few of the SGA-sponsored campus events, which just less than $8,000 is poured into this semester.

Another $600 is spent on SGA parties and $4,250 on an unknown event called "Lunch Bunch."

Despite loss, Frogs still have hope

Fret not. The Horned Frogs still have a shot - although a slimmer shot than before - at the Mountain West Conference Championship.On Thursday,...

Online Exclusive!!! Undefeated no more, man

Lack of focus, maturity and physicality led to the Horned Frogs 31-17 loss to the BYU Cougars Thursday night."You have to give BYU all the credit," head coach Gary Patterson said. "For some reason, in this program, we don't seem to be able to handle success. This ballgame here was the most important ballgame on our schedule up to this point. I don't think you can take anything away from coach Mendenhall. They worked on a short week and they came here and got after us. You got to give BYU a little bit of credit. I thought they did a great job.

Movie Review: ‘Last Kiss’ gives love 2nd look

"Scrubs" star Zach Braff follows up his "Garden State" success with a story about love and the decisions that go into it in "The...

Kicker, defense extend winning streak

In front of a sold-out crowd numbering 45,647, the Horned Frogs downed the Texas Tech Red Raiders 12-3 extending their nation-leading winning streak to 13 games.Junior place-kicker Chris Manfredini, who provided the Frogs with 12 points going 4-4 on field goal attempts and extended his perfect field goal career at TCU, said he still gets nervous before every kick and attributes that to his strong record.

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