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Baseball team faces the Roadrunners

The No. 7 Horned Frog baseball team returns home to Lupton Stadium for a one-game series against the University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners (5-1) tonight.

TCU is coming off of a poll boasting 2-1 series against the currently ranked No. 18 Cal State Fullerton.

These wins brought the Horned Frogs to No. 7 in the Baseball America polls, the highest ranking in the program's history.

Men’s club lacrosse team stepping up for Texas Tech rivals

The men's club lacrosse team has been preparing for its weekend tilt with conference rival Texas Tech with one thing on its mind: revenge.

With a final score of 11-9, Tech defeated the LAX Frogs last year, knocking them out of the running for the playoffs. The LAX Frogs are now looking to defeat their conference opponent, which would bring them one game closer to a spot in the playoffs for the first time in program history.

Federal money shouldn’t be thrown at an already well-funded education

Idiocy once again reared its ugly head when an article in the Skiff came out saying that Gov. Rick Perry not accepting money for...

Corporations and unions should have voice heard through ads

I'm always surprised how far liberals are really willing to go to expand government. Sometimes even trampling on the Constitution.Many are upset over the...

Taxes, banks and bailouts detrimental to economy

Over winter break the British government announced a 50 percent tax on banker bonuses of more than $40,700. Like the United States' banks, British banks were also bailed out in the current recession, and many were outraged by these bonuses. Many say that the U.S. should follow suit with the Europeans' example. To do so, however, would be idiotic, unthinkable and downright unconstitutional.

Thankfully, our Founding Fathers were intelligent enough to write down the rights we have as Americans. They learned from their previous rulers that laws can sometimes be unfair and unjust.

Tips to put a stopper on Facebook stalking

There's an old saying that goes "To catch a thief, send one."While I try not to steal stuff often (everyone takes a fruit or...

Americans should be more aware of financing options

Everyone likes a good story. Let's start with one.Let's say you have an account with a bank and you use debit cards to draw...

Journalists lack economic know-how

Sometimes it's good to be a journalism major. Seeing stories like Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward's, which exposed the Watergate scandal, make me proud to one day be able to call myself a journalist. However, journalism frequently disappoints me, especially when it tries to talk economics.

Take a recent Associated Press article, "Productivity gains may be bad news for job seekers." The article claimed that companies were going to hire fewer people because productivity has been going up, so fewer employees are needed, and therefore unemployment would go up.

Rough plays in soccer should be investigated

It's amazing how some hair pulling and national attention can expose a serious problem.

For those of you who haven't heard, University of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert was suspended indefinitely for actions in a game against BYU on Nov. 5. These actions included pulling a player on the ground by her hair and kicking another in the face with the ball while the player was on the ground.

Fair Trade coffee not as fair as you think

You know times are strange when people are excited about paying more for something.

Last Wednesday, Union Grounds began brewing Fair Trade coffee, a brand of coffee which cuts out the middle man and pays coffee growers more than the market price for the coffee they grow.

I have no problem with Fair Trade at all. If people want to pay more for coffee to benefit poorer people then they should do that.

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