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School-free summers should be parent’s choice

It's amazing how people can see a disagreement where it should never exist.

The debate of whether schools should be closed all summer is a fairly hot one in the education world. Advocates say that summers off give kids a chance to just be kids and experience life without the burden of school. Opponents say the summers-off policy is outdated and keeping us behind in world rankings for education.

Both sides have got it all wrong. The correct cure to this problem is the correct cure to nearly every problem in society: choice.

Show moves past potty humor in search of insight

Whoever thought a show with a talking baby and dog would be such a hit?

On Sept. 27, "Family Guy" premiered for its eighth season, a great feat considering the show has been canceled twice. However, the show about a dysfunctional family, the Griffins, in the quaint little town of Quahog, R.I., simply does not want to die. "Family Guy" has now put itself along "The Simpsons" as one of those great cartoons that kids shouldn't watch.

Reasons to be a vegetarian misguided

A lot of people on this planet do a lot of weird things. This was even further confirmed to me when I met a vegetarian. While vegetarians believe what they believe, it makes no sense to me to avoid eating meat at all. That's why I'm listing some popular reasons people become vegetarians and why I don't buy them.

1. Every time you eat a dead animal, you are directly responsible for its death.

Unions not responsible for rising wages

Although I usually heavily disagree with President Barack Obama on economic policy, the man sure knows how to play the political game.On Labor Day,...

New driving laws steering in the wrong direction

Apparently, the "small government" conservative state of Texas feels as if driving isn't hard enough without a lot of laws to worry about. In case you haven't heard, Texas just passed some new traffic laws that went into effect Tuesday. Two that caught my attention include banning drivers from using handheld wireless devices in a school zone and that everyone in a car, regardless of age, must now wear a seat belt.

Minimum wage increase not good for young people

As famed economist Thomas Sowell once said, "The first law of economics is scarcity, and the first law of politics is to disregard the first law of economics."

This July, and for the second time in two years, the minimum wage in Texas was once again raised, this time to $7.25 an hour. While this may be seen as a triumph for unskilled workers, I and many economists see it as a tragedy for our already hurting economy.

Counterpoint: Government efficiency no better than banks’

It's amazing how history repeats itself, even when the history only happened last year.

President Barack Obama, in his infinite wisdom, made a budget in which we would no longer have subsidized loans made by private banks but by direct government lending instead.

The most infuriating thing is that we already tried this.

People complain about how banks gave loans to people that didn't need them and blame the banks for the economic mess. How is the government doing the same thing any different?

College no automatic ticket to success

I don't need to remind anyone who goes to the university how much college can cost.Many university graduates who now have jobs are still...

No point in expecting government to fix FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid form has gotten a lot of media attention lately regarding needed improvements, but it's not reasonable to expect any government program to run efficiently.

The university's director of financial aid, Michael Scott, said in a Skiff article Tuesday this week that there were problems with the length, redundancy and inefficiency of the FAFSA system.

When I first read this story, I thought, "Whoa, we have an administrator named Michael Scott? How cool is that?"

Legalizing casinos in Texas a smart move

What happens in Texas stays in Texas?

The Texas Legislature is considering allowing casino gambling at resorts and Indian reservations and slot machines in horse racing tracks.

With the economy in a horrible mess, politicians are resorting to legalizing things they once fought to make illegal.

Texan columnists, politicians and citizens are talking about the need for casinos that would invigorate the economy. They say it will create millions of jobs and put money that is currently being handed over to Louisiana and Nevada back into Texas.

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