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Energy independence not as easy as it sounds

As broadcast reporter John Stossel said, "It's amazing how ideas with no merit become popular merely because they sound good."

On Monday, T. Boone Pickens talked about how America must become energy independent. He said that our generation must take charge to make a change.

It sounds great to be energy independent. We wouldn't have to keep financing foreign powers and dealing with the political repercussions.

However, to believe these things is ignoring common sense and basic economics.

Global warming paranoia leading to senseless measures

Everyone hold your breath for this news story. Literally.

In a news report Feb. 19 from the Associated Press, it was reported that the Environmental Protection Agency is likely to consider carbon dioxide an air pollutant.

I don't know when anyone decided that naturally formed elements in the atmosphere were a big deal. From what I learned in elementary school, I always thought that carbon dioxide was good because it helped plants grow.

Chavez referendum warning against unbridled government

Facing the prospect President Hugo Chavez's final elected term in office, the Venezuelan people voted to approve a referendum that gave the leader the opportunity to rule their country for life.

The passage effectively removes the previous restrictions that placed term limits on elected officials. Despite a flurry of protests and staunch opposition to the proposal, Chavez is now slated to stay in power beyond 2012, when he will be up for re-election.

Point: Pay discrimination act excuse for government intrusion

Surrounded by press, smiling faces and women's unions, President Barack Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which gives female employees more time...

Government should not meddle in people’s lives

People often think that I am a conservative, but I'm not. I'm a libertarian.

Conservatives take pride in the idea that they want a more free government.

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives," Ronald Reagan once said.

But conservatives also frequently oppose abortion, gay marriage, marijuana legalization and other views that constantly contradict what freedom is.

They don't want government to grow unless it grows how they want it to.

Obama using scare tactics to stifle opposition

Last week, in one of his first White House meetings, President Barack Obama warned Republicans to stop listening to conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh if they wanted to work successfully with the new administration.

Obama was discussing the stimulus plan with top Republican members when, according to a New York Post article, Obama said, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

While this could be construed as an off-shoot comment, it seems more like a gag order for those who disagree with the president's plans.

Recycling not saving trees

When you're about to recycle that paper, think about throwing it away first. You may actually save a tree.Recycling feels good. It's a simple...

Don’t rely on government to make difference

Everywhere I go, I hear how everyone is so ecstatic that Barack Obama will make their lives better. Oprah even went as far as to call him "The One." How could she not with all the promises he made to the American people?

According to Obama, he's going to make America energy independent, give everyone health care, cut taxes, bring peace, lower gas prices and, Lord knows how many other things. Let's think realistically for a second. Can we really expect all of this from one person?

Voters should know issues before voting

Well, it's election time and many organizations such as Rock the Vote and HeadCount are encouraging everyone, especially young people like many of you, to get out and vote. Many of these organizations make the implication that it's our civic duty as United States citizens to cast a ballot. Even celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Hayden Panettiere are taking time and encouraging young voters to get out and take part in this next election.

Going green becoming too political

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy going outside and seeing the birds and trees. I also enjoy having clean air and nice green grass to play backyard football on. However, the whole direction the green movement has taken is what I take issue with. No longer is it about using fewer resources and becoming more environmentally friendly. It has become a socialist movement bent on blaming private business and corporations and trying to get them shut down.

Whenever anyone talks about "going green" nowadays, it's all about what we have to give up to save our planet earth.

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