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CD Review: Star’s second album just as good as first

It would be difficult to top Taylor Swift's first self-titled album, which was released last year, but her second album, "Fearless," released Nov. 11 three times multi platinum, might just do it.

At 18, Swift has already accomplished a lifetime worth of achievements. Her first album was certified three times multi platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, with five top 40 hits. On Nov. 23, Swift was awarded Favorite Female Artist, Country Music at the American Music Awards.

Auto industry deserves bailout too

Ever since the government passed the $700 billion bailout, everyone wants their share of the money.The auto industry approached the government last week to...

Freedom of expression a right for all

The line of separation between church and state is often blurry. A recent Supreme Court case is dealing with this blurry line once again.The...

Obama represents change America has been striving for

Change. Obama's campaign slogan has inspired a passionate campaign that has resulted in significant leads in many important states. Pollster.com shows Obama leading McCain...

Attempts to ban saggy pants unrealistic

The latest fashion trend in communities seems to be banning saggy pants.

The Fort Worth City Council, along with a handful of other city councils, is looking for ways to get young people to pull their pants up.

Because actually banning saggy pants could be considered a violation of people's first amendment rights, city councils have been unsuccessful in creating city ordinances that ban saggy pants, according to a Dallas Morning News article.

Experience shouldn’t determine Obama’s ability to command

To say that Sen. Barack Obama cannot be president based on a lack of experience is ludicrous.Let's get real. Yes, experience is important, but...

Faculty, staff aim to outdo past giving

The Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign aims to surpass last year's record participation from faculty and staff to appeal to donors, said the Faculty Senate chair.

The percentage of faculty and staff giving is important because it looks good when donors see that employees give back, said Stuart Youngblood, Faculty Senate chair.

"It shows that the people that work here actually care," Youngblood said.

Faculty Senate to vote next month on tenure appeal policy

The Tenure, Promotion and Grievance Committee presented the final draft of its new tenure appeal policy to the Faculty Senate at Thursday's meeting and the Faculty Senate will vote in May.

The tentative policy applies to tenure-track faculty who wish to appeal when denied a promotion and/or tenure.

In order to get tenure, a faculty member must be approved by his or her department, then by his or her college and finally by the provost.

Accounting department toughens course retake policy

Correction: Lower-level accounting classes are not allowed to be retaken once a student has taken an upper-level accounting course. This includes only ACCT 20153 and 20163, and not ACCT 20653, which is a new accounting course for business minors only.

While the Faculty Senate is investigating a new course retake policy, the accounting department is implementing its own.

Symposium to focus on ’08 election trail

Bob Schieffer will ask panelists at the fourth annual Schieffer Symposium today to answer the question, "Is campaign '08 about the right stuff?"Schieffer, moderator...
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