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Large news corporations cutting out journalism

People depend on a handful of network giants - ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX - that are owned by big media corporations to get information. Corporations present news the way they want it to be viewed. As a democracy, the people have a right to know what is going on in their country so they can exercise their right to play an active role. News companies with integrity have to report unbiased news so that citizens can trust they have the facts and make an educated decision about an issue.

Follow couple’s example, find joy in each day

Life does not always have to be so serious. This is a terribly difficult concept to grasp in this hustle-and-go society. According to Yahoo! News, a retired New York couple let go and took a trip they will remember for the rest of their lives.Betty and Bob Matas started their journey in New York City by hailing a taxi in their Queens neighborhood. Neither Betty nor Bob Matas drive, and they wanted to spare their cats, Pretty Face and Cleopatra, from a plane ride to their new home, according to Yahoo! News.

National Guard should stay home

National Guard troops are most likely going to face deployment to Iraq soon because U.S. forces need to be replaced, according to an April 6, NBC News article, "National Guard Likely to Head Back to Iraq." Changes have been made as to how long the National Guard can be deployed overseas, and although they are needed to relieve U.S. military troops overseas, the deployment could cause more problems than it would fix.

Coal cheaper option, too harmful

Burning coal for energy causes more harm to the environment than it is worth. Gov. Rick Perry and Texas utility companies are in favor of 16 newly proposed coal-fired plants. Coal has been used in the past and has been proven dependable. Environmentalists, ranchers and many Texas mayors are concerned about air quality. Texas emits the most greenhouse gases of any state. Coal is a plentiful and cheap energy source, which is partially what makes it so appealing. However, burning coal pollutes the air tremendously.

Find real life outside home

In today's society, it is possible to live a life of luxury and never leave home. People are able to work from home, shop from home, talk to anyone from home face-to-face using Webcams and enjoy all of the latest music by going online and downloading it. With constant news coverage online and on television, people staying at home won't miss what is going on in the world. In fact, they will probably know more of what is happening than those who are out and about.It seems like everyone has his or her own entertainment center right in the comfort of their own homes.

Fighting crime by Internet OK

Using the Internet to fight crime is a good idea and should be used more often. YouTube.com is filled with fun videos that can distract viewers for hours. But now, a handful of police departments are utilizing YouTube by posting surveillance videos for the public to watch so it can aid in identifying criminals.One problem police are facing is making the videos of criminals stand out among the thousands of others on YouTube. The more videos of criminals posted, the more people will notice them.

Same-sex marriage education OK

Children should be taught about same-sex marriage as they grow up to avoid confusion later on in their lives. Same-sex marriage has become a regular issue in the news lately, and children will wonder what all the fuss is about if they are not presented with the facts of life. From an early age, kids are taught that men and women get married from fairy tales, television, movies and from observing others around them. What happens when children see same-sex marriage argued on the news?

Small shops have more than caffeine

The atmosphere of small, privately-owned coffee shops is often better than that of Starbucks, which some may find too crowded and will object to the fact that they are a national chain. Just when you think Starbucks has taken over the coffee world, something new pops up: a crowd of "anti-Starbucks" people who seek out local shops to the sometimes overpowering Starbucks. While Starbucks made drinking coffee and tea drinks popular with people of all ages, I often wonder how far this should go.

Understand Lenton resolves; make commitments your own

The Lent season is quickly approaching. Many Christians are talking about what they plan on giving up this year and contemplating how doing something different in their lives for 40 days will make them better people and bring them closer to God. I have often overlooked the importance of thinking about what I participate in during a religious season such as Lent. Making a commitment of any kind without a reason is not beneficial. It is important to consider the purpose a small change in life has hopes of making a big difference in the long run. Lent originated in the third century A.D.

Learn to control college stress

The stress of college can be overwhelming. Classes require massive amounts of readings, writing papers and studying. Outside of the classrooms, there are nonstop organizational meetings, entertainment and other various campuswide programs. With a combination of trying to succeed academically and becoming an active participant in campus activities, college life is a constant whirlwind of activity from the first day of the semester through the end of finals week.

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