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iProf – Four score and more

Dr. Steven Woodworth is passionate about
history. He teaches it at TCU, writes about it
in published articles and books, talks about it
with friends and family ... and listens to it on
his iPod.
Q: How would you describe your musical
A: "Somewhat eclectic. I like anything from
bagpipes to sacred harp shape note singing.
I also enjoy more formal choral music, some
band music and even some easy listening from
the 70s.'
Q: Have you always been a fan of bagpipes?
A: "There are some times when you're just in

On The Town: Cityview Lanes, LLC

Cityview Lanes may sound like a new hotspot, and
it will be soon enough. It is actually the new name
for what was formerly Don Carter's Cityview, a
long-time staple outing for TCU students. Cityview
Lanes bowling alley is under new management
and is getting a complete overhaul.

Just like Don Carter's, Cityview Lanes does not
just offer more than 20 lanes of bowling. This
venue also has pool tables and an arcade for
the kid in you. Just for the adults, there will be
a revamped, fully-stocked bar. Until the bar is


A November 2007 study released
by University of California Los
Angeles's Williams Institute found
that the number of same-sex couples
in Fort Worth increased more than 10
times since 1990. This trend is reflected
across the nation with the number of
"unmarried partners" increasing by five
times over the 16 year period, according
to the study.

The most dramatic increases were
reported in socially conservative Southern
and Mountain states, and Texas was no
David Jenkins, a social work professor

Cherish college time as opportunity for self discovery

For the past four years of my life, I have been anticipating the day that I will walk across a stage in a robe...

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