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Senior leaves niche at university, hopes to give to community

Yendor Reese has come a long way from once being called "snot boy" as a child to becoming a rock star.Reese was known as the "nerdy, snotty boy" in elementary school because of his runny nose during "Field Day" events.

He is now seen as anything but.

Reese was named after his father, Rodney. Yendor is Rodney backward.

Reese, a senior communication studies major, is the lead singer for RedTape, a rock and R&B band with a gospel message he created two years ago with alumnus Mark Lettieri.

Student-performers go cruising in new tap dancing show

Anything goes for the students aboard a cruise ship portraying tap dancing angels, sailors, gangsters and nightclub evangelizers in the musical "Anything Goes" at the W.E. Scott Theatre today through Sunday."Anything Goes" is a musical comedy, set in the 1930s, about a man named Billy Crocker, played by sophomore musical theater and entrepreneurial management major Preston Swincher. Crocker pursues the love of his life,, aboard a cruise ship and gets caught up with the people on the ship's escapades.

Professor to perform 19th century woman’s story with one voice

A professor proves that a woman can handle anything on her own in the production of a one-woman show at the Hays Theatre on Friday. "Shame the Devil! An Audience with Fanny Kemble" is a one-woman show based on her own book, "Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839," that celebrates the life of a 19th century actress, abolitionist, author, wife and mother.

The show is produced by faculty members from Illinois State University School of Theatre.


Students are playing a game of manipulation in the theatrical performance "The Shape of Things," which will be presented Thursday through Saturday."The Shape of Things" is a drama about a woman who uses her relationship with a man to manipulate him into changing physically, mentally and emotionally. The man is completely unaware she is using him for her thesis toward her master's degree.

Jage Bothmann portrays Adam, who is so eager to find love that he will do anything to keep it and is oblivious to the changes that Evelyn, played by Mariana Fernandez, asks for.

The Sound of Music

Music-lovers will be able to indulge in the first on-campus festival to feed their musical appetites during TCU CelloFest today through Friday.The music department will host TCU CelloFest, a three-day event that celebrates the cello.

"I love the cello," said Belinda Viesca, a graduate student and a teaching assistant who has played the cello for 17 years. "Its tone is closest to the human voice, and it's very touching. It's the perfect way of communication with no language barrier - just emotions and feelings."

Actor to use firsthand experience to advise students

Broadway, television and film actor Michael Kostroff will share his professional acting experience with theatre students in Buschman Theatre today.Kostroff will discuss getting into the acting business, how to overcome obstacles and the often-made mistakes actors should avoid, said Harry Parker, chair of the theatre department.

Some of Kostroff's television career includes "General Hospital," "Boston Legal," "Veronica Mars," "The West Wing," "ER" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," according to the Internet Movie Database Web site.

Crime Scene

Students in the new theatre show "Getting Out" are getting out of their comfort zones with a different, dramatic, edgy and emotional play this week."Getting Out" looks into the past and present of a young woman, Arlene, attempting to find her way in life after being released from prison.

Amanda Bass and Tricia Williamson both play the role of Arlene - one before prison and the other after getting out of prison.


Portraits and paintings from some of the littlest Horned Frogs will hang in a local art gallery this week.Albanian artist Grigor Aleksi spent two months making portraits of the KinderFrogs children to show in his gallery, Studio Sabka, after his wife who teaches at KinderFrogs inspired him to do so.

Saturday was opening night of the art exhibit and was filled with parents, children and faculty from KinderFrogs.

Students present original pieces during lunchtime recital

Students and faculty were able to eat their lunches while watching dancers perform in a student choreography showcase Monday.Brown Bag Dance is sponsored by the dance honor society, Chi Tau Epsilon, and is produced entirely by students.

The informal dance recital is open to all dance majors and happens once every semester. The hour-long performance is open to all students and faculty.

Dance faculty members were not required to attend but many lined the first two rows to show their support, said Allie Stevens, a modern dance major and choreographer for the show.

Creations to relate dialogue at annual student-art competition

Some students are hoping to gain professional experience by submitting their artwork to the annual student art competition Monday.The Cross/Talk 15th annual student art competition opens Monday.

Cross/Talk refers to an ongoing dialogue between the art and the students, said Chris Powell, a ceramics and 3-D design instructor.

"The dialogue crosses and engages different types of works within the show," Powell said.

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