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Support group roles discussed by athletics

National trends and more stringent NCAA recruitment policies have left TCU athletics administrators discussing the future of team support groups like the Purple Hearts and Diamond Darlings, said Marc Evans, director of athletics compliance.Evans said the NCAA has changed rules over the last two years to restrict how support groups can deal with recruits, and as a result, some schools, like the University of Alabama and Florida State University, have disbanded groups like the Purple Hearts.

Race not always main issue

The Duke University lacrosse team rape scandal has generated a lot of media buzz.The tension between town and gown, privilege and poverty, white and black - the case has many of the elements of an explosive situation.

On Tuesday, two sophomores from the prestigious Durham, N.C., university were arrested on suspicion of raping a 27-year-old, black exotic dancer at an off-campus party related to the Duke lacrosse team. Speculation swirls around the rest of the members of the once-highly rated squad, with the possibility of more charges being filed in the case.

Frogs open Mountain West road series with hot offense

The Horned Frogs have scored at least seven runs in seven of their first 10 Mountain West Conference games - and they haven't even gotten to enjoy the mountains yet. They'll get to begin exploring the elevation tonight as they open a three-game series against Brigham Young University (16-20, 3-4) in Provo, Utah.

"It's going to be exciting for the hitters," junior utility player Chad Huffman said, "and the pitchers are going to have to pitch a little better, I guess."

ESPN compromises credibility

The Duke University lacrosse team rape scandal. The deaths of 30-year-old IndyCar driver Paul Dana and 28-year-old Army women's basketball coach Maggie Dixon. The Major League Baseball steroids probe. Sometimes, what you're seeing on SportsCenter gets just as serious as anything you see on CNN.

When you see the harder side of sports covered on ESPN, you expect the same seriousness and respect paid to these matters as you would from CNN. Most would also assume the same credibility and autonomy.

Baseball: Frogs to play Falcons in first MWC series

TCU's bats have started booming - and the surge of offensive production couldn't have come at a better time for a Frog baseball team set to host its first Mountain West Conference series this weekend against Air Force. In its last five games - a span that included four wins - TCU plated 53 runs, including 12 in the opening frame of an 18-8 victory at home Tuesday over No. 22 Baylor.

Sophomore infielder Matt Carpenter said the team has been taking a better approach at the plate as of late, driving the ball to the opposite field and making the proper two-strike adjustments.

Small thefts can add up

If a guy walked into The Main, stuck his hand in the cash register and pulled out more than $1,600, people would probably think there was something wrong with that.But if the student body, over the course of the school year, walks out of The Main with plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives that cost Sodexho, TCU's food service provider, $1,660 to replace, nobody even thinks twice about it.

Scientology: Faith or Fake?

Fans of the Comedy Central series "South Park" had to know the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, wouldn't let bygones be bygones when they sat down last week to watch the season 10 premiere. Isaac Hayes, who had been with the animated show as the voice of the character Chef since it debuted in 1997, abruptly quit the show March 13, telling the Associated Press he could no longer be part of a series that disrespected others' religious beliefs and practices.

Frogs beat Golden Knights 2-1

Behind Jake Arrieta - and with the help of some shaky Central Florida outfield defense - the Horned Frogs beat preseason third-team All-American Tim Bascom and the Golden Knights 2-1 Friday night at Lupton Stadium.Arrieta, a sophomore right-hander, pitched seven innings, allowing only one early run, while giving up seven hits, striking out nine and walking one.

"Everything was going after that first inning," said Arrieta, who improved to 5-2 on the season. "After that, I just got on a role."

Team needs to improve clutch hitting, coach says

Horned Frog head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle is looking for his team to loosen up a little bit heading into a three-game series with Central Florida at Lupton Stadium this weekend. "Our guys are really putting a lot of pressure on themselves to do well, and it's hard to play baseball when you're putting pressure on yourself," Schlossnagle said. "The game puts so much pressure on you anyways."

High school a time to explore

Changing majors: Almost every college student considers it. Classes are getting too hard, too boring or maybe, in the process of exploring the different avenues required by the core curriculum, a student decides there is another course of study that is more interesting.

There's nothing wrong with changing majors. Who can really be sure of what to do at 18? The indecision around choosing a major can stretch the college experience from four years into five or even six.

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