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YouTube videos not what they used to be

YouTube has been a staple of my college career since I first sat down in my room in Moncrief. At the time, it was...

Geography student finds calling after rocky start in college

Karen Daleiden will graduate this December with a geography major and a history minor and plans to continue her education in graduate school. But...

University reaches out to transfer to keep them connected

The university is providing transfer students with opportunities to get connected with the campus community, a campus official said, although a national survey shows transfers often fall through the cracks.

The National Survey of Student Engagement stated that transfer students reported less interaction with faculty, a less-supportive campus environment, less "active and collaborative learning," and fewer "enriching educational experiences."

But Rachael Taber, senior nursing major and transfer student, said she was happy with her transfer experience.

Despite green initiatives, Frog Calls still in print

The production of printed copies of the campus phonebook, Frog Calls, does not conflict with university efforts to go green, university officials said.Chancellor Victor...

Provost says budget cuts won’t upset tenure tracks

The university's recent 8 percent operating budget cuts will not affect associate professors' ability to gain tenure, the provost said.

Funding for travel, which is a facet of operations, will not have any bearing on whether a professor receives tenure, Provost Nowell Donovan said.

"While traveling to conferences where their publications are featured is important, the actual publication is way more important," Donovan said.

Lagging athlete graduation rate not all bad news, official says

The university's graduation rates for its athletes in all but one sport lag behind the national averages, but university officials said they hope new academic facilities and programs for athletes will help them improve.

Chris Uchacz, director of athletic academic services, said TCU's overall graduation success rate or GSR, is 68 percent. The NCAA's national average is 78 percent.

Jack Hesselbrock, associate athletics director for internal operations, said "The numbers don't lie."

"Kids just didn't finish," Hesselbrock said.

Students partner with area nonprofit for domestic violence victims

Fashion merchandising students are using their design skills in a project for a local nonprofit organization to support ongoing services for the victims of domestic violence.

Students in Patti Warrington's promotion principles class are partnering with SafeHaven of Tarrant County to create window displays in the department of design, merchandising and textiles building.

The displays use clothing from the organization's local resale retail store, Berry Good Buys, in order to help better promote the business to students.

Students celebrate Obama’s presidential victory

Students at the NAACP/Delta Sigma Theta watch party danced with excitement as the election was called in favor of Democrat Barack Obama while students at the Campus Commons watch party discussed what the new president would mean for the country.

Lauren Gray, a senior and president of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, said those in attendance at the party in the University Recreation Center were thrilled with the results.

Honors Frog Camp might move to Rome

Students in the Honors Frog Camp may be touring the Roman Colosseum instead of Westminster Abbey next summer.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said the university is considering moving the Honors Frog Camp from London to Rome.

"The experience in England proved so powerful we thought it should be exported around the world," Boschini said. "Rome was just one of the next options."

Frog Camp is designed to help incoming students learn about TCU and to give them an opportunity to connect with their peers and faculty before they begin school.

Milton Daniel might lose beds following renovation

Milton Daniel Hall will soon receive new plumbing, heating and air conditioning in every room as part of a $10 million renovation at the end of the 2008-2009 school year, a university official said.

Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, said the hall will be gutted and rebuilt from the inside out. Student input was considered in the design of the hall's renovations, which will require closing the dorm for a year, said Milton Daniel Hall Director Christopher Sewalish.

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