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Athlete brings energy to team

When junior tennis player Ana Cetnik takes to the court, she brings a contagious energy, head coach Dave Borelli said."She's like a battery for our team," Borelli said. "She charges us up."

Cetnik, who began playing tennis as a 6-year-old in Serbia, says this energy comes from her mental toughness that she brings to the game.

"On the court, I am mentally very strong," Cetnik said. "When I'm losing, I can be positive to myself and come back on top to win."

Foreign player says new home is helping game

Though it may be difficult to leave behind a family and home country to attend school in the United States, TCU women's tennis players...

Frogs build momentum heading into OU game

The Horned Frogs are on a roll after a successful weekend to open Mountain West Conference play.TCU (19-15) has won its last five games, outscoring its opponents by a combined total of 59-15. The Frogs will face their next opponent, the Oklahoma Sooners, tonight in Norman.

Head coach Jim Schlossnagle said the team has been consistently improving and needs to carry its progression into the upcoming game.

"We're playing really well right now," Schlossnagle said. "We need to take some of this momentum into the game."

Senior runs final lap of career

Though senior distance runner Katrina Zielinski's TCU running career is approaching its end, the impact she has had on her fellow runners is not likely to be quickly forgotten.Zielinski, who placed 11th overall at the C-USA meet during the 2003 cross country season, helping her team to a second-place finish and earning her third team all-conference honor, said she made an effort to be a good teammate by making sure her teammates felt confident.

"I always tried to encourage them and be there for them," Zielinski said. "I wanted to help them do their best."

TCU takes 5-3 loss,UCF takes series

The TCU Frogs need to work on hitting and swinging the bat better if they want to win more games, junior left field Chad Huffman said."We have to work on the little things," Huffman said. "We have to start getting our bunts down, getting hits in clutch situations.that's just got to come."

Huffman, who came into Sunday's game with a batting average of .343, recorded a double for the Frogs in the seventh inning in TCU's 5-3 loss to UCF (16-11).

Huffman also said the team needs to find a way to "get the job done."

Women’s Tennis: Team looks to advance doubles play, coach says

When the women's tennis players hit the courts this Friday in their home match against the Wyoming Cowgirls, they will be looking to improve...

Women’s Golf: Athlete says squad ready to upset Aggies

When the women's golf team tees off this weekend at the Texas A&M "Mo" Morial Invitational, head coach Angie Ravaioli-Larkin said its main focus will be believing in the strength of each player's game."We are going to focus on confidence and playing our own game," Ravaioli-Larkin said.

Junior Catherine Matranga also said confidence will be an important factor going into the tournament.

"We are working on having a lot of confidence, and it's there for most of us now," Matranga said. "We want to show A&M that we can win on their course."

Team to attempt to strategize against OU after loss to Baylor

When the Lady Frogs take to the courts against the Oklahoma Sooners today, head coach Dave Borelli said the most important thing for the team to do is to get back to the basics."We're trying to simplify things," Borelli said. "We are figuring out what we do best and trying to make the game simpler."

Though the Sooners (4-4) are coming to TCU on a three-game losing streak, Borelli said they will still be a good challenge for the Lady Frogs (5-3).

"Every match is tough," he said. "It will be a good chance for our kids to get back on track."

Improving defense necessary for team success, coach says

After its 2-1 series with the Wright State Raiders over the weekend, the Horned Frogs (6-4) are aiming to beat the Dallas Baptist Patriots (7-3) in a home game Tuesday.TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle said that in order to win, the team needs to make some improvements.

"This weekend was a struggle for us," Schlossnagle said. "We were very fortunate to win two games because we didn't really play that well."

Frogs defeat Wright State after coming from behind

The Horned Frog baseball team rallied from behind to defeat the Wright State Raiders 4-2 in game three Sunday afternoon at Lupton Stadium after trailing for three innings.Head coach Jim Schlossnagle said the team was anxious going into the game coming off the back-to-back win and loss against the Raiders on Saturday. He said that although the Frogs were happy with the win in the second game, they were disappointed with the loss in the first and looking for a turnaround.

"The fact that we finally got a good day of weather was the best motivator," Schlossnagle said.

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