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Student journal editor-in-chief shows off poetry skills

Grass Matters The wind waves  over taxidermied trees;  Leaves and berries pop  like Technicolor  and rays ultraviolet  their way through cracks in honeycomb branches.  The stream sidewinds through the forest, blue and...

Before you get to St. Peter

"Jesus Christ," the man said into the phone.

"Yes?" The voice on the other line answered.

"I'm having the busiest day, can you take some of these interviews off my hands?"

"Come on, Tom, you know I don't handle interviews myself."

"I know, but I just thought, this one time8212;"

"No exceptions, you need to get these last few in or out. I know it's Easter, but I can't resurrect your job performance," he replied with a small chuckle.

Tom sighed at hearing the joke for the 15th time and replied, "Fine."

Letters to the Editor

Tuition should not be raised in difficult economic timesRecently, according to what I can only assume was a schoolwide e-mail, TCU's Board of Trustees...
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