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Cartoonist gives thanks, ‘grad-itude’

I love history. I love that it connects the past and the present because life is a kind of continuum. Last year was someone's graduation, this year is my graduation and next year will be someone else's.Each day is the best or the worst ever to someone on earth, but it's easy to think only of our own big days. All the rest of the calendar is simply "the space in between" in our own eyes, but each one is someone else's big day.

Deeds should be recognized for meaning, not by race

I was sad but not surprised to learn the elderly Rosa Parks had died Monday at age 92.Most of us on campus are far too young to remember segregation or the December day when Parks defied it; my parents themselves were just infants.

We're fortunate to live in a nation where legal segregation has not only been expunged from our laws but is also anathema to our modern culture.

But it stunned me to realize that, as a school kid, my class studied Rosa Parks not as a part of American history but instead as part of black history.

Iraq: Six degrees from perfection

I should start by mentioning that I support the concept of Iraqi liberation.Perhaps I was precocious, watching the news as a seven-year-old in 1991, but I clearly remember knowing that something important was happening as I watched the lime-green tracers dance above the darkness of Baghdad's skies. I also remember being confused when the war ended: A bad man had done bad things across the sea and we fought to stop him. So why was he still in power?

This paragraph has been corrected.

Strategic reserve no way to stem oil consumption

The problem is no longer obscure: A visit to the gas pump makes its repercussions obvious. Hurricane Katrina has caused horrific suffering. Among the destroyed lives, homes, and businesses are at least eight wrecked oil refineries. Oil imports have long been strained by a challenging political climate. The price of fuel is rising.The Bush administration has responded to the temporary fuel problem Katrina caused by releasing strategic oil reserves.

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