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“Due Date” has mixed results

A lot of you could say you've been on a road trip, but I think considerably fewer would say they couldn't stand the people they were going with.

One of the main characters in the road trip in "Due Date" is an effeminate, bumbling fool with a bulldog. That would be Zach Galifianakis' character, Ethan Tremblay, who is basically a reprise of Alan from "The Hangover," an homage to a much better comedy.

“Takers” doesn’t take you anywhere

Certain types of films are inherently formulaic. Whether it's a Western, a cop flick or, in this case, a certain sub-sub genre: the heist film. In such cases, it is not what the director does as much as how he or she does it. Although this is true for plenty of films, it is especially true with a heist flick.

This is why I can forgive "Takers" for its formulaic plot, to some extent. Beyond this grace, it is hard to absolve a film so trite and clichéd. The film places style firmly above substance 8212; and the style is not that interesting.

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