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Fans bid goodbye to Frogs; destination Omaha

The Horned Frogs set off on the road to Omaha, Neb., with the support of about 200 fans from the Amon G. Carter stadium parking lot Thursday morning.

Members of the band, university staff and community cheered on the baseball team as it boarded buses to the airport. The team is heading to the College World Series for the first time in school history and the last time it will be held at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

Ulimate frisbee combines passion and fun

It requires the athletic endurance of soccer, the passing skills of football and the quick-paced offense-defense turnover of basketball. Players sprint past opponents, cutting in and out as they zigzag their way toward the goal, the light plastic disc constantly sailing on the air between them. They fervently chase after the disc and sacrifice their bodies as they dive into the ground for a stray pass while dodging opponents.

Lindsay Lohan’s E-trade lawsuit absurd

What do Lindsay Lohan and the E-Trade babies have in common? They're both babies.

The 23-year-old actress filed a $100 million lawsuit against the financial services company, claiming that an ad aired during the Super Bowl and Olympics pokes fun at her substance abuse.

The ad features three talking babies, one of whom is referred to as a "milkaholic," a crack that Lohan says was a shot at her alcoholism.

Musician foregoing marketing career to pursue his passion

A 7-year-old brown-haired boy took the stage, anxious to perform his first solo. The boy's parents had been told that their son had a great ear and could carry a tune, but they weren't sure what to expect as their second-grader began to sing "Star Light, Star Bright."

More than a decade later, Tim Halperin looks back on his debut performance and laughs, remembering how he felt like a girl as he strained to hit the high notes that were just out of his developing vocal range. His father, Howie Halperin, tells a different story.

The superficial don’t deserve media attention

So another celebrity got plastic surgery. Excuse me, 10 plastic surgeries. A reality TV star who isn't happy with her life and tries to...

Runner motivates others while on the track

A number of runners had already crossed the finish line, but a group was still running up the final hill of a 5K race...

Alumni bring unique perspectives to TCU positions

The university has a reputation for hiring many of its alumni. The things that keep these graduates coming back are a family atmosphere and the people that make up the university, said an alumna.

Dede Williams graduated from the university in 2001 and returned as the director of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Next Generation Leadership Program in 2006. Williams received degrees in sociology and business and said she always thought she'd end up in the corporate world after college.

Organization recommends against routine mammograms

If Ellen Broom had followed new government recommendations regarding breast cancer screening, she said she would most likely be dead.Broom, a psychology lecturer who...

Democrats express criticism of standardized testing

Three Democratic candidates for Texas governor told their audience of about 50 people on campus Wednesday that schoolchildren should not be forced into a mold, with two of them expressing criticism about standardized testing.

Candidate Tom Schieffer, Hank Gilbert and Felix Alvarado met in the first Gubernatorial Candidates Forum of the 2010 election at the Brown-Lupton University Union ballroom. The event was sponsored by the TCU Democrats and the Tarrant County Young Democrats, and was moderated by political science professor Jim Riddlesperger.

Leadership students use blog to showcase issues

Drunk driving prevention programs aimed at high school students have a disconnect between adult perceptions of the problem and the real-life situations teens today face, according to one student.

Emily Taylor, a senior accounting major and Chancellor's Leadership Program member, is attempting to end the rift in these perceptions caused by the generation gap with the help of a blog, which is a new requirement for CLP students this semester.

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