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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Hockey finds growing support in students

From Newport Beach, Calif., this senior marketing major is more than just a student. In addition to being a member of the Brothers Under...

Good grades will follow good health

Just a few more days until the university sidewalks are packed with students, ready to storm the steps of the library. 50-pound backpacks and totes, hoodies accompanied with UGG slippers and a can of Red Bull in whatever hand or pocket is available will invade TCU. The time has come.

The time to pull all-nighters and fill your stomachs with caffeine and sucrose. But is the usual ritual of staying up late and poisoning your body with energy drinks worth it? Maybe. But it certainly is not the right way to get the grade you want.

Research program highlights commitment to environmental issues

The university's Institute for Environmental Studies and Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute in England have joined forces to change the world in an eco-friendly way. The two institutions are leading a research program in the development of wind power. One focus of the program is to address the impact of wind turbines on flying animals. TCU has never fallen short of making a difference in society and this is just another example of its dedication.

Enjoy the outdoors before the chills set in

Last year's winter season seemed to last forever. I remember being so eager for flowers to start blooming again and flip-flops and Nike shorts...

Halloween a waste of time, money

Halloween. Most take full advantage of this unique holiday, for lack of a better word. It's a night full of spooks, tricks, treats and booze. This is the time of year that supposedly anyone, young and old, can enjoy to its fullest potential.

Unfortunately, I'm not most people. To me, Halloween is the most unenjoyable time of the year. It's so overrated and a complete waste of time, at least at my age.

Recent upturn in campus political activity a relief

The expression, "Better late than never," can now be applied to TCU's political organizations. After being practically dormant for the past two months, TCU College Republicans and TCU Democrats are taking the initiative to step up and take part in this year's presidential election.

The Republican party rallied together Monday to kick off early voting on campus, and the Democratic party will have a Professor Dunk-a-thon at 3 p.m. today at the Campus Commons.

Beware of Facebook hunts

A job applicant can have an outstanding resume, chat through a prime interview and look so professional that even Donald Trump would be envious....

New patrol vehicles not worth the money

TCU Police got an upgrade. Now, instead of just cruising in police cars, golf carts and on bikes, officers can now be seen riding...

Grant increases contribution to local art education

The Fort Worth Independent School District was chosen to be one out of 24 school districts in the United States to receive a larger federal grant than it ever has before.

Thanks to that, TCU's art department was given $95,000.

The university, along with partners in Fort Worth's art community, will use the grant money to work toward holding professional summer camps for the next three years, giving educators an opportunity to be professionally trained in music, dance, drama and visual arts.

Curriculum, campus additions diversify student experiences

TCU has added a new fancy dining hall and fully renovated, state-of-the art facilities to campus. But that's not all. In addition to the...
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