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Tax cuts for rich and poor needed to propel economy

With the House of Representatives recently passing the $819 billion stimulus package, people believe that this piece of legislation somehow will lift the United States out of a recession.

The main purpose of the bill is to increase spending on infrastructure. The term "infrastructure" is used vaguely though. For instance, the bill would spend $355 million to fund programs for the education and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Projects such as this and numerous others in the stimulus bill are not only irresponsible but can harm the economy.

Letter to the Editor: Bailout shouldn’t be automatic answer to automakers’...

When reading "Auto industry deserves bailout, too" the possibly of not having a bailout has to be considered. This week CEO's from the Big...

Plus/minus system won’t help in rankings

When reading the news story "Plus/minus system not widespread on campus," I couldn't help but make some observations. The system, in essence, reverts to a standard grading system some colleges have implemented. Although there isn't a consensus regarding whether TCU should use the plus/minus system, I think it would be appropriate to render a final decision on whether the system will be used. Many people believe using a plus/minus system will strengthen the academic reputation, however, there are other factors that comprise academic reputation besides a plus/minus system.

Letter to the Editor: Slow termination of Social Security would save...

The Sacramento Bee wire opinion article about Social Security, published April 2, has some interesting points, but I would like to look at Social Security from another perspective.

Social Security was enacted during the 1930s under the Roosevelt administration. Although Social Security was intended to provide people relief during periods of unemployment and to retired workers, it has become one of the most expensive government entitlement programs. President Roosevelt didn't understand the unintended consequences that are presented today.

Government-issued birth control pills won’t remedy unwanted pregnancies

In reading the article "Democratic president would lower pill prices," I would like to question some of the points that the author has made.People...

Increasing minimum wage will not alleviate poverty; higher pay rate eliminates...

In reading "New minimum wage a step, still not enough," I would have to disagree with some of the author's viewpoints. As a higher minimum wage is put into place, many people are calling it a victory in the war on poverty. However, I would contend that if people actually examined the effects of increasing the minimum wage, they clearly would not want to raise it.When we see headlines of an increase of the minimum wage, we tend to think of lower income people boosting their income and helping people get out of poverty.

Plus/minus system, step in right direction

For the past few weeks, I have heard a lot about the plus/minus grading policy. Even though I agree that the policy will help students in the long run, I believe the issue directly relates to TCU's national ranking. The new grading policy will help raise the academic bar for students. Raising this bar will make grade inflation a thing of the past and give students more options. A student who goes the "extra mile" will be rewarded for working harder.

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