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Frogs to face Boise State in Poinsettia Bowl

Gary Patterson's Christmas has come early.

"What (the NCAA) needs to do is put us with somebody ranked," head coach Gary Patterson said after TCU's last game against Air Force Academy. "Put a Boise State with one of our teams in some bowl game if they want a little publicity if Boise doesn't go to a BCS game."

"I think they are definitely a BCS team."

Patterson said he is looking forward to facing the Broncos.

ISP brings sponsors to TCU

TCU athletics is funded by more than 120 sponsors, including American Airlines, GEICO, Gatorade and State Farm Insurance, according to the 2007-08 Athletics Annual...

Laundry in dorms to be free starting fall 2009

Laundry isn't on the dollar menu anymore.

Starting in fall 2009, washers and dryers will be free to students living on campus, except those living in the Grand Marc or Leibrock Village, an apartment complex east of Sandage Avenue for full-time Brite students.

Craig Allen, director of Residential Services, said free laundry is beneficial because it will save the university money.

"There's a lot of wiring and equipment that we don't have to purchase in order to set laundry rooms up," Allen said.

Few Horned Frogs have retired numbers

The athletic administration is in the process of retiring two numbers next year in TCU football, an athletics offical said.

The identities of a defensive end and a running back are being kept under wraps in order to surprise the honorees, said Jack Hesselbrock, associate athletics director for internal operations.

"We'll probably retire one at the beginning of the football season and one at the end," Hesselbrock said.

Before the Frogs, David Yarbrough dominates the field

Want to paint the football field before a home game? If you have 17 five-gallon buckets of white paint and seven five-gallon buckets of purple paint, go for it.

This season, the football team is looking good, but the only thing looking better is the field.

Horticultural Supervisor David Yarbrough oversees the maintenance of the field and said he relishes every part of it.

"Having the players and coaches thank you for the work you do is the rewarding part of the job," Yarbrough said.

Frogs solidify 2009 game against ACC team

The Frogs will head to Charlottesville, Va., to take on the Virginia Cavaliers in the 2009 football season, said Jack Hesselbrock. associate athletics director...

When the Frogs go on the road, director’s job becomes chaotic

If you think trying to book a flight for yourself is tough, try finding a flight for an entire football team. Don't forget about the hotel reservation either.

In his eighth year as director of football operations, Mike Sinquefield has been through what he calls "organized chaos."

"In less than 48 hours we basically have taken our entire operation, shipped it across the country, played a football game and shipped it back home," Sinquefield said.

Club sports in full swing during Break

Some students will be going clubbing over Fall Break. But they won't be going dancing, they will be playing for their club sports teams.

Two TCU club teams - ice hockey and men's soccer - are scheduled to be in action this weekend, all in the midst of Fall Break. However the club tennis team opted out of a tournament because of the break.

Matt Benvenuti, a junior from Newport Beach, Calif., said he isn't too distraught to be playing club ice hockey over Fall Break.

Men’s basketball to gain exposure on ESPN2

Editor's note: This story was edited at 4 p.m. Wednesday for accuracy.It's official; the men's basketball team will be heading to the Indiana...

Introducing softball team might have to wait, official says

TCU is among the University of Wyoming and Air Force Academy as the only three schools in the Mountain West Conference that do not field a women's softball team.

Tyler Lockwood, a junior starting pitcher for the university's baseball team, said he doesn't understand why TCU wouldn't have a team.

"[Softball] was a pretty big deal in high school," Lockwood said.

Lockwood said he isn't clear on the guidelines of how a team is made, but he thinks a softball team would give women fair recognition.

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