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International orientation helps students embody Fort Worth way

While classes started Aug. 21, international students arrived for a two-day orientation Aug. 10, which was aimed to integrate more than 500 international students from more than 80 countries into the local, academic and national communities, according to the International Student Services Web site.

International orientation is one of more than 20 departments, programs and organizations to aid international students in daily life, according the International Student Services Web site.

Students should get involved in AIDS awareness

The invisible monster rears its head to ravage you from the inside out, and you are completely unaware. And, what's that? You don't care? This monster has killed millions and it's only 25 years old.

That is, the first cases of AIDS, were documented in newspapers 25 years ago. This monster stems from the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, and it's invisible because no one seems to care anymore.

Intensive English Program increases enrollment by 40%

Enrollment in the Intensive English Program has increased 41.38 percent since 2004, which is about 30 percent more than national programs' enrollment increase, according to the 2006 TCU Fact Book.Kurk Gayle, the director of TCU's Intensive English Program, said, after gaining 13 more students this semester, enrollment in the Intensive English Program has reached a record number of 47 students -- the largest group of students Gayle said he has seen since he started working at TCU in February 1995.

Officials: ID card price increased to deter loss but success remains...

The replacement student ID card price was raised from $10 to $20 as a deterrent to students losing cards and for security reasons, said a university director -- but whether this has caused a decline in the number of replaced ID cards remains to be seen.Emily Burgwyn, the director of student affairs and information services, said as of Nov. 17, there have been 1,312 cards replaced, which is about 290 fewer cards than last year. There have also been about 211 fewer cards found and re-encoded, she said.

Judge stresses integrity

The difference between being a leader and a manager is moral values, a Tarrant County judge told about 40 students at Wednesday's Leadership in the Lounge."If you're a good manager you do things right, if you're a good leader you do the right thing," said Sharen Wilson, a judge for the Tarrant County Criminal District Court No. 1.

During the session, which took place in the Student Center lounge, Wilson said morality is important for a leader to be successful.

Alumna to host KERA radio show

An amazing sense of curiosity, wit and vitality are what co-workers say characterize the TCU alumna who will host the new KERA 90.1 radio talk show "Think." Krys Boyd, who graduated in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in radio-TV-film and a minor in news-editorial journalism, begins hosting the show Nov. 6, said Steve Anderson, public relations manager for KERA.

"She really wants to know what the people she is interviewing have to say," said Anderson, who has worked with Boyd for five years.

Chalk it up

Campus Crusade for Christ will be charged for the cost of cleaning up its chalk displays that advertised last week's AFTERdark ministry series, but the amount of the fine was not available Monday, TCU officials said. Most semesters, students see colorful displays of sidewalk-chalk advertisements for organizations and events happening on campus. According to the student handbook, chalking, putting flyers on trees or on sidewalks are all against university policy.

Christian speaker, local band to perform on campus

The ministry series AFTERdark, which will feature a dramatic interpretation of scripture and a performance by the band Green River Ordinance, will visit Ed Landreth Hall on Monday, said a student representative of the series.Cameron Sparks, the on-campus student representative, said when speaker Joe White, who performs the interpretation, came in the spring of 2003, Ed Landreth was filled to capacity with about 1,000 people.

Program efforts, scholarships attract more Saudi students, director says

The number of Saudi Arabian students who attend TCU has increased over the past year because of scholarships offered by the Saudi government to go to U.S. schools, said the director of the Intensive English Program.The scholarship program was instituted after an April 2005 meeting between King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and President Bush, said Kurk Gayle, director of the Intensive English Program. Gayle said the scholarships cover all expenses, including housing, food and tuition.

He said the first group of Saudi students came in the fall 2005.

Students, faculty shake, rattle and roll in swing dancing class

"Triple step, triple step, rock step" was one of the first swing dance moves that about 65 students learned in the Student Center Ballroom during a leadership course that occurs every Thursday night.Marcy Paul, director for the Women's Resource Center, said she hopes the leadership class, which is offered for the next two weeks, will teach students mutual respect and trust for each other through dance.

Paul said the idea came to her after watching "Mad Hot Ballroom," a documentary about elementary students in New York City who learn how to ballroom dance.

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