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Valentine’s Day is for everyone

One of the best lessons I learned in elementary school was from a seemingly silly class project on Valentine's Day. At the beginning of February, my first grade teacher had us all bring empty paper towel rolls and Kleenex boxes to school. Then there was a mass of creativity as we used the trash to design beautiful castles and space ships, using colorful tissue paper to give color to our cardboard turrets and rockets.

Law prohibiting protests near funerals protects both free speach and the...

To counteract the plans of Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funerals of the Tucson, Ariz., shooting victims, radio announcers offered airtime in exchange for the group's avoidance of the funerals. Tucson residents also prepared to shield the families' eyes from the demonstrations.

The most drastic measure taken was a new law, passed rather speedily by Arizona legislators, that prohibits protests near funerals and burial sites.

“Safe” e-cigarettes leaves much to be desired

The new electronic cigarettes on the market have health experts, law officials and consumers buzzing. This novel product, a battery-powered, odorless nicotine device, has...
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